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Garnffrwd - Carmarthenshire - May 2011

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 10:32 pm    Post subject: Garnffrwd - Carmarthenshire - May 2011 Reply with quote

I thought I'd write a quick report on Garnffrwd as there don't seem to have been mentions here in the last couple of years.

I was only going to have a few hours on Monday here (roughly 11 - 2.30) - quite a windy day, but with some bright spells later.
I phoned ahead just to check (as it says to do so on the website) and paid 15 for a half-day ticket.

Friendly owner met me on arrival and pointed me (and the van) down a track to nearer the lake - there's a cafe down there too (+ a vending machine for some fly packs).

As soon as I started setting up I saw lots of fish rising so sauntered over to the main 'island' and chose a platform. Wow - very clear water (though sometimes difficult with the wind) and the fish totally unspooked - literally moving right next to the platform. I guess I've never been somewhere like this - really quite full of fish (perhaps overly so?) but it soon became apparent that they were feeding quite naturally and plentifully.

You could easily scope out fish and cast in front of them - it looked at first glance to be almost too easy, but it then in reality it took me a couple of quite frustrating hours before I finally connected - you could plainly see the fish come up to your fly (fishing dries) and then turn away. Perhaps the main thing that kept me from catching was that my fullers earth line degreaser has dried out! It took me a couple of hours to realise that I could re-vitalise it with a bit of water.. I'm sure that that was the main thing going against me early on.

So after a couple of hours I guess I'd calmed down a bit (so many fish around, getting frustrated!), sorted the leader issue and was using a size 14 f-fly. Finally a brownie took it and was on. Phew! Brownies have to be released and that was easily done from the platform (+ I squished all the barbs on my flies). From then it didn't take long before my 2nd brown and then a rainbow of 2.5lb to keep just as I was running out of time. I didn't see any particularly big fish though didn't hunt everywhere - mostly around the 1.5 - 2lb mark I'd gauge.

So it was enjoyable and a good experience - very different indeed from my usual Bristol reservoirs. I chatted to someone who fished there regularly as I was leaving and he recommended very small emergers (16-22) and re-iterated the importance of degreasing the leader to get decent presentation.

All in all - seems like a well run place, very nice setting and plenty of action to be had. I don't know whether/when I'll go again, but only because there are so many other places I'd like to try in South Wales (very much including the local rivers if I could get a chance)

Sorry, no pictures..
Tom Bugs (not fishing related!)
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