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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The 15 th of this month saw the opening day of the whitebait season but yesterday was the
first time out for myself courtesy of Vinnie & his dad.

To say it was hard going would be an understatement not helped by cold decidedly unfriendly
wind gusts that made the nets difficult to handle. Below are pics of Vinnies & my posies respectively.

After a couple of hours of back breaking work both out buckets only held a token number of the
tasty little critters. Then as the current changed with the falling tide the holding net on my stand
formed a much better "J" formation along with a more rewarding catch rate yet Vinnies stand less
than 50 mtrs away was still failing to perform which is unusual as he is the undoubted expert when
it comes to whitebaiting having had many years experience but such is the unpredictability of any
type of fishing I guess.

My bucket ended up with more than enough for a good feed of fritters for dinner tonight particularly
the others refused to take an equal share to add to their catch which would have only been fair & they
insist on doing each time the situation is reversed.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The end result for dinner tonight helps to forget the aching back !

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lloyd & self set off early yesterday morning & given the unsettled weather of late considered ourselves
very fortunate to strike almost glass like conditions.

Action was very gratifying initially with Lloyd "christening" his new rod & myself likewise not long after.

After about an hour the fishing really slowed down with the only fish being caught having to be put back
as were a couple of mm undersize. Decided to drift fish as well as anchor at various spots that normally
fish well but only managed another two or three keepers amongst hordes of sub 300 mm.

Eventually decided we might as well head back with our reduced haul after having enjoyed a pleasant day
out even if not as productive as usual, nevertheless both had plenty enough for a meal or two.

Earlier in the week it was a toss up between yesterday or today to go out finally deciding on yesterday which
was rather fortuitous as due to the affects from an offshore earthquake a tsunami warning had been issued.

Update :- Less than an hour ago out of the blue received an invitation to go to the Mokohinaus ( approx. 65 kms offshore ) tomorrow,
with an early morning start from Ti Point, so am currently frenetically trying to get gear together, which is made all the more difficult
by not knowing what type of fishing will be done or what gear if any, might be available on board.

Not to worry, as is too good an offer to miss out on & a 50 ft twin 300 hp boat should not be at risk in the unlikely event of a tsunami but
until someone mentioned it, had not considered if todays' shake may have put the fish off the bite so will just have to "suck it & see"

Watch this space for a report on the outcome :
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thankfully I had an afternoon nap on Friday as was scheduled to get up at 3 - 45 in order to
meet up with Lloyd to drive to Leigh to join the boat leaving at 6 - 30 & as often happens the
night before going fishing I don't get much sleep with everything that is running thru my mind,
so this occasion was no exception.

Anyway everything worked to plan arriving in time to met our fellows anglers then get our gear
on board.

The weather looked ideal however was to be fairlt choppy once out of the shelter of the tiny harbour.

Before getting underway the skipper announced that the fishing at the intended location had been rather
slow of late so suggested a relatively nearby locality that had reputably been producing results so it was
decided to give it a shot there. Fished there for about 40 mins or so with none of the 10 anglers getting
so much of a bite so the skipper decided it would be best to back track then move on out further to
Little Barrier Is where the fishing is usually fairly consistent.

Little Barrier Island is a native wildlife sanctuary therefore landing is prohibited other than by permit & is
fairly formidable terrain in any event.

He anchored at several locations around the island most of which produced reasonably well initially before
dropping off, nevertheless a steady amount of fish were coming aboard of various species that included :-
snapper, terakihi, grand daddy hapuka, porae, kingfish, parrot fish, blue cod & an unusual type of shark that I
had not seen before ( brown object in final pic ) however someone onboard declared it was good eating so it
was kept. At one stage Brian our host had hooked into a healthy sized initially unknown specimen & considering
it could well have been a trophy sized snapper he kindly insisted on handing the rod over to Lloyd so as he could
enjoy the experience of winding in a hard fighting fish. After a prolonged battle it was found to be a decent sized
kingfish which are categorised as being in the lower regions of big game classification.

On entering the harbour on the return were signalled by a young guy on shore for help & on moving in as close as
possible heard him shouting that his buddy a short distance away had broken his ankle. It would not have been safe
to take a 50 ft. boat in close enough to be of assistance but shortly after a much smaller boat did so.

Back at the jetty the catch was shared around fairly amongst those that wanted it.

A good day out with a great group of blokes & a particular vote of thanks to our host Brian who steadfastly refused
to accept any form contributing payment.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
Posts: 4693
Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK ... after considerable deliberation re the east vs west coast the Kaipara despite many less than glowing reports,
was decided on, for an early morning start yesterday ( Mon )

On the way to the ramp at Mungakura I expressed concern about the patches of misty fog lying about & even more so
when it became apparent there was even more out on the water, to the extent I declared it was noticeable at the
ramp then I would opt to call off the mission.

As it happened, it was perfectly clear at the ramp so launched as intended & navigated out a bit beyond the channel
markers before we were suddenly engulfed in this which was yet to worsen.

We decided as there was no chance of finding our way back to the ramp under the conditions we would be best to push
on in the intended direction until we reached deeper water, but in the interim we would wait at anchor for awhile in the
hope that conditions may clear enough to see where we were going. Despite only being in less than 2 mtrs. of water
decided we might as well cast a bait out the back to ease the tedium of waiting & almost immediately my rod had a good
size KY attached which went in the bin. Shortly after there was a partial clearing lasting only a matter of seconds but long
enough to make out a line of nearby mangroves that should not have been there, so it was up anchor & away supposedly
in the general direction of where we wanted to go, but stopped once we realised we were "lost" accompanied by with a
certain very uncomfortable feeling which was not eased by the fact Lloyd boated our second KY.

As anyone familiar the Kaipara will know it is not the ideal place to be, lost in the fog in shallow water on a falling tide &
it appeared that our fishing trip at best, might lend itself more towards becoming a sand castle building competition !
Tried sourcing info from the GPS, but to our total dismay found it was giving our position as close to Tiritiri Matangi which
of course is on the east coast & we were on the west ???????

After some divided speculation between the two of us we resorted to google maps on Lloyds' phone which showed a speculative
position but was a "locked image" inasmuch as it did not show in which direction we needed to move, a situation made all the
worse by the fact we were being afforded momentary glimpse of totally unfamiliar land profiles. Altho I vigorously disagreed
with his assessments, it was to prove that Lloyd had a much better idea of where we might be & the direction we needed to go
than my totally disorientated version, a fact that was reinforced when we caught a glimpse of some familiar cliffs.

Eventually we found the deeper water we were after & it became apparent that instead of having headed towards Orongo Point
we had ended up well on the way to the unfamiliar territory towards Stables Landing.

The irony was that once we finally found the general location we wanted to be in the conditions began to gradually clear until
they became idyllic.

Regrettably the same can not be said for the fishing as we could barely buy a bite let alone hook a fish so as low tide approached
opted to have a dredge for scollops which was only marginally more rewarding but after 3 or 4 drags had only accounted for about
1/2 dozen &, even tho we may have eventually reached our quota, it would have risked using up a lot of fuel in addition to that
already burnt up when lost.

Went ashore for lunch & in anticipation of a least a bucket load of oysters had those hopes dampened when they were found to
be prolific but unfortunately in less than prime condition.

OK so the overall bounty for the day may have less than rewarding but had still enjoyed some magical weather, the fog excepted
& more by luck than good judgment, had avoided the potential of being stranded on a sandbar even if the fish tally would probably
have remained the same.

Four guys we spoke to on another boat that were locals that knew the area had not managed to boat a fish between them, so the
fact we had managed two that made us feel slightly better.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 6:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Getting old is inevitable but acting old is optional, nevertheless altho you young uns probably think it won't
happen to you, the following is typical of the sort of thing that will become daily occurrences.

Am currently a temporary bachelor whilst wife is in Martinborough visiting grandkids etc. & also scheduled
to go whitebaiting tomorrow morning via kind invitation of Vinnie ( baitcatcher )

About 4 pm today decided to have a short nap in anticipation of the somewhat strenuous activity involved
in prolonged scooping.

Awoke feeling refreshed a couple of hours later thinking it was morning so went to prepare breakfast, get
gear together etc. deciding I probably even had time to read the morning herald when it struck me contrary
to orders from swmbo I had forgotten to put the rubbish out, so was relieved to see by the fact there was
uncollected neighbourhood rubbish still awaiting collection that it was not too late to do so .... phew a lucky

Was on the way to collect the morning paper when I thought " gee it is light for this time of morning" but
reasoned "well I suppose we are getting well into spring" but was a tad annoyed to find the newspaper had
not been delivered. Began to wonder if it had been stolen or had there been a delay in delivery, so took a
peek in the neighbours paper box & was relieved to see they did not have theirs either, so presumably
delivery had been delayed.

Not sure how long it was before I became puzzled by the fact that daylight was fading rather than becoming
brighter, at the same time as trying to dismiss conjecture of it being the end of the world, when it finally
dawned on me it was still Wednesday evening & NOT Thursday morning.

So it was time to return the uncooked bacon, eggs etc. back in the fridge & open a bottle of wine instead before
ordering Chinese takeaways for dinner.

Having already had a nap, probably won't sleep tonight, consequently wake up feeling "shagged" in the morning,
sadly as the result of lack of sleep rather than having enjoyed the aforementioned activity..

Ah well ... such is the life of we "old farts", but reckon I can take a certain amount of comfort in the realisation
that I am probably not the only one here on the forum that can relate to such situations !
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Joined: 27 Jul 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

lol :>)
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever & seem to remember it is September but not quite sure of the day ... Friday I think !

John Vinnie & self did get out whitebaitng ( pretty sure it was yesterday ) but reckon I must have inadvertently done something to upset
Tangaroa given the abysmal results of various recent forays.

Despite Vinnie having scored four lbs of the tasty little critters on a solo mission less than a week ago, the three of us probably
did not account for much more than a lb between the three of us, nevertheless we all went home with enough for a decent feed.

The weather had been forecast for light rain up until 10 am when it was supposed to clear up, but in reality it continued to drizzle
for most of the day then intensified finally turning quite angry towards the end.

As I get older I find myself spending ever increasing time thinking about the "Hereafter" Yeah so often I enter a room then think
"What was it I am here after ?????

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have decided to Change over to a largely seafood diet !

So as not to risk overdoing things to my god like figure ( ie Budha ) I have decided to switch from my see food diet ( ie see food then eat it )
to a largely seafood diet say 4 or 5 time a week.

Started it last night but am concerned as to how long I can persevere with such meagre, uninspiring & mundane meals such as was endured
on that occasion for dinner, which was as follows :-

A base of kaffir lime infused sesame oil & fish sauce Hokkiem noodles.

A scattering of in the shell oysters.

A salad mix of scollops, mussels, prawns in a seafood sauce along with chopped fresh herbs.

Marinated & seasoned shredded seaweed.

Black olives.

Japanese Kusai limes.

Then solely for its' added nutritional value a bottle of crisp Riesling.

Tonight planning on making do with whitebait fritters, salad, fries & a ground cashew / saffron sauce,
however have yet to finally decide on which energy giving wine to have with it.

Ho hum ...... so tedious.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 1:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As mentioned tonights' fare was whitebait fritters, salad & roast kumara chunks.

The fritters altho delicious were not as firm as normal due to my putting a bit too much pulped avocado in the fritter mix.

After some contemplation as to whether whitebait were actually, despite these coming from a mix of salt & fresh water
was tempted to compensate with jellyfish for dessert but decided against doing so.

What to have tomorrow night is the question ???????

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is just a bit past 5 pm & have just returned from a day out sea fishing in the boat.

Took out Hayden, the son of our immediate neighbour who has recently returned to NZ
after 9 yrs or so in the UK & was keen to re embrace one of the aspects of Kiwi life, namely

For whatever reason the fishing recently has been tougher than any time that I can remember
in the past 40 years or more I have been fishing, so had explained to Hayden that maybe all
we could expect would be a day out on the briney, as a good day weatherwise had been forecast..

As it happened the forecast was well out with bout of rain & wind patches well in excess of that

The fishing was indeed tough, despite several fish marginally under the size limit we nevertheless
came back with enough fillets for a meal for both families. We had to move from our original spot
when we began to be plagued with sharks that either broke off or took an eternity to bring to the
boat only to have to cut them loose. Later on Hayden hooked into a huge KY that gave a fine display
of a aerobatics only to be lost when alongside the boat about to be netted.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Only three more sleeps until the opening day of the new season which is always a very special day to be on the
water, as fish have been undisturbed for thee months & I intend being riverside all ready to start at day break.

The only possible "fly in the ointment" is the fact that most areas have been subjected to heavy rain with flooding
in various places, so remains to be seen what condition the river I intend fishing will be like. However the particular
location in question can often have its' own micro climate so at this stage am going to chance that it may be fishable.

If not then will be another month until there will be another opportunity, as going south next week to visit grandkids
& attend the "Wearable Arts WOW Festival" for several days, then a couple of days after returning will be off to Vietnam
& Cambodia, so is a busy, busy time.

Hopefully will have something decent to report.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not fishing related, but is so amazing, could not help posting.

Like most older guys I have incurred a hearing loss aggravated by factors such as occupational ( noisy ) hobby ( guns )
home ( motorised this n that & nagging ) plus accidental ( explosions ) etc. back in an era when safety or protective gear
( even eye protection ) was not used to any extent.

Anyway in certain circumstances such as a noisy room, or when driving I have had problems hearing certain sounds so
eventually opted to get hearing aids. Have had two sets to date but unfortunately they have been less than a success
being uncomfortable to wear & tending to makes the tones you need to hear ( eg conversation ) less audible due to being
blocked by those that were already clearly audible unaided increasing in volume.

In a last ditch attempt took delivery on Wednesday of a new state of the art technology hearing aids that thankfully appeared
to be a success .... but then so they should be when retailing close to $8 K.

The previous aids altho small at the time were huge compared to these new ones that were so tiny & light you were hardly
aware you were wearing them.

Anyway wife said yesterday "What is that hanging from your ear?" & on checking proved to be one of the aids that had
worked loose but on checking the other ear found that one was missing altogether..... great going Barry ..... one days use
before losing .... would have to be a record even for you !!!

Tried to think of where it might have been lost which given it is barely 1/2 the size of a thumb nail & camo coloured any
search was going to be virtually like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Had been to the gas station to fill the motorhome with diesel in anticipation of leaving today for the opening of the new
trout season on Saturday, so that was first port of call, but had it been dropped there on the fore court it almost certainly
have been run over repeatedly. There was a tradie filling his truck at the pump I had used so asked if I could look under
& explained why where upon he kindly helped me look. It was soon established there was a drain there that was full of
water so had it fallen into it then it would be completely ruined anyway. Thanked him & was about to walk away when
as he was hanging up the pump hose he pointed to the raised meridian saying "Is that it?"

Could not believe it .... yes it was. Tried giving him 20 bucks for a beer in appreciation but he steadfastly refused & strangely
enough even declined my offer of a hug.

At the moment they are resided in their box where they will stay until Tuesday when they will be having a safety retaining wire fitted.

Whilst on the subject here is an "aside" story.

For most guys their hearing loss is predominately in the higher decibel range, whereas the lower decibel tones remain
relatively audible. Consequently male voices are usually easier to hear than female, however if in a crowded room or
air conditioning etc. the background low decibel sounds block out most conversation.

Nevertheless it is amazing how long a conversation under such conditions can be maintained when most of that being
said cannot be heard properly. All you need do is to nod knowingly at anything being said & chances are the person will
form an opinion that you are a "really nice, well informed guy simply because you have seemingly agreed with everything
they said.

Does not always pan out quite like that tho, such as the time we were out to dinner with a group. The couple we were
seated by had just returned from a trip to Belgium courtesy of a pharmaceutical company as she worked here for a medical
supplies company. The husband was enthusing on about how well they had been treated by the host company & the attention
that had been lavished on them.

I was listening as diligently as I could so was really taken aback to supposedly hear him say " They put us up for the whole
week in BROTHELS ". I decided it would be prudent not to pursue that avenue of discussion as after all whatever activities
consenting adults choose to engage in privately is their own concern.

However must admit the question nagged at the back of my mind until later in the evening after a few glasses of wine decided
to take the bull by the horns so to speak, by asking "Why did they put you up in brothels ???"

This time it was his turn to be taken aback before he clarified the situation by stating firmly " NO ... Brussels .... NOT brothels !!"
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 1:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was with a certain degree of pessimism mixed with apprehension that I set off Friday to be
riverside for the opening of the new season on Saturday, due to the excessive rain with reports
of flooding throughout the country. The trip did not get off to a very good start as soon ran into
a traffic holdup as the result of a traffic accident so was down to a crawl for about 10 km or more.
Once thru that traffic flowed freely enough until about 20 mins later the traffic was once more down
to a crawl due to another crash with the added aggravation of it being a location that had extensive
road works in progress. In due course was underway once again, albeit well behind schedule & it was
rather disconcerting to encounter widespread rain.

However on arrival at the bridge that crosses the river a few KMs above the intended location to fish
it was gratifying to see that altho the river was running high & fast, that amazingly enough it was not
significantly coloured enough to affect the fishing.

After dropping off a bag of oysters at the farmhouse drove down the farm track to the river after having
been cautioned the paddocks because of the amount of rain, could be very marginal to drive over but
they kindly offered to tow me out with the tractor if I became stuck.

Wasted no time in inspecting the river which was high therefore crossing the river was out of the question
meaning the fishable area would be reduced by more that 50% but at least the river looked clear enough
to fish in the morning provided there were no downpours further up in the hills.

There was some light rain during the night, but on surveying the river early next morning it was obviously
not enough as yet to make any difference & the water level was near enough the same ie up to the marker
level stuck in the ground the previous evening. So after the usual "stag fever" nerves after not having fly
fished for awhile resulting in bumbled knot tying, began to fish with bungled casts in eager anticipation of
hordes of hungry fish that had not been harassed for three months. However it was not to be & after working
over half way thru the pool had not had a touch apart from a "tiny Tim" that took on the swing. Soon after
hooked up on a fish that was smaller than normally can be expected, nevertheless respectable enough & in
reasonable condition.

Because they are a pain in the proverbial I gave up using a landing net many years ago, preferring to beach
the fish. However this was one time I wished I had one because of the multitude of willow saplings ling the
waters edge & beyond making landing a lively fish a rather daunting process.

For each decent fish caught there were for some reason, five or more "tiddlers" which is unusual on this river,
but thankfully no others as small as this one, that appears quite a bit larger than it actually was in the photo.

Am still uncertain if this was a light coloured brown or a browny coloured rainbow but it certainly ought like a
brown ie doggedly long & deep without any aerobatics. Also the vague spotty pattern kinda looks like a brown
but then again at a push could be a peculiar patterned rainbow ..... anyone know or care to hazard a guess ?

It rained fairly consistently during that night so was a toss up as to should I try driving out before things became
too wet or should I tempt fate by having a morning fish deciding on the latter option as the ground felt reasonably
firm underfoot & it was only lightly raining. When it looked like the weather could worsen packed up quickly then
set off but did not get that far before the rear wheels began to spin & the motorhome was going nowhere. So began
the trek to the milking shed to arrange a tow out thru an ankle deep mix of water, mud & cow shyte. Initially was
trying to avoid the worst patches by hopping between the worst patches but soon decided that was a futile exercise
so decided may as well just wade thru it.

Vincent kindly obliged with the tractor which brought the unenviable task of crawling under the motor home to secure
the chain to the front axel then likewise to release it later on.

In retrospect reckon given the weather I was lucky to get some fishing in, which admittedly was only moderately successful
but as we are off to Vietnam & Cambodia shortly, it will be about another five weeks until the next opportunity.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Am under real pressure to post this report as have only just flown back from visiting family
also attending the WOW event before flying out to Vietnam / Cambodia tomorrow & have
arrived home to all sorts of complications such as e-mail server has crashed & some mysterious
plumbing problems seem to have developed along with a whole lot of other issues not needed
when on short time to arrange for a trip away.

Anyway was hoping to fit in a bit of flyfishing whilst away so with that in mind had packed a 4 pc
rod that only just fitted in the suitcase along with associated gear, so was gratifying to see the river
clear & settled when we crossed it late arvo. There was no rain overnight so eagerly took advantage
of the offer of the loan of a SUV to go fishing. Could hardly believe it tho on returning to the river
next morning to find it in flood due to heavy rain back in the hills.

The rain in the distance that was causing the problem despite no direct rainfall had been experienced locally :-

So turned back knowing that river would be unfishable however knew of another that might be but wanted
to inform home base of the possibility when our daughter Cathy kindly offered to phone friends that had a
property backing onto the aforementioned river & I was given the OK for access.

On arriving at the river was impressed to find it was a delightful stretch of water to have been given permission
to access.

So in eager anticipation began to get set up .... waders on yep ..... flies, floro etc all there Yep ..... hat jacket Yep
Rod Yep ..... reel / flyline ........ NOPE !!! Bugger ... all my other rods have the reel attached but because we were
flying had been intent on getting the rod to fit in the suitcase had overlooked the reel !!!

Back to homebase once more to relate the sorry tale whereupon Cathy dug around in a cupboard then produced a
ff setup I had given our grandson several years ago, so even tho the line was not a perfect match for my rod at least
would be able to cast a line.

Sometimes things are just not meant to happen as shortly after beginning to fish a very promising looking stretch the
indicator dipped ..... I struck .... but instead of having a fish attached now found my 4 pc rod had instantly been converted
into a 5 pc !!

Amazingly enough, in a 'never say die" effort managed to get the sections to fit together after a fashion & was able to continue
casing albeit with a slightly shorter rod. Must confess was uncertain how such a setup might handle a decent sizes fish however
in that regard it was not put to the test as ended up heading back after having blanked.

Two days later the main river had dropped & looked as tho it could be clearing so took the opportunity of taking my chances further
upriver where it should be even clearer. It certainly looked promising on arrival, so hopes rose accordingly. Incidentally most of the
trees in the photo below are manuka trees that when in blossom, have myriads of tiny pink & white flowers from which bees produce
manuka honey which is highly prized for its curative properties that many claim that it cures leg ulcers etc. so consequently is in high
demand commanding premium prices.

The river was quite a bit higher than ideal however altho coloured should for all intents & purposes been very fishable, so was a bit
of a disappointment to find the fish did not think so. Bit by bit the wind began to gather in intensity to a point of becoming more than
a nuisance to becoming decidedly uncomfortable, so decided it was time to concede defeat & head back once again having blanked.

Jumping ahead a bit but the tackle drama was to have yet another sequel this arvo when I was called aside after my backpack cabin
luggage had shown it contained possible prohibited items when going thru the airport security xray. Was then I realised after moving
a knife there from my checked in suitcase had forgotten to move it back again .... silly, silly boy. Likewise with my collapsible wading
stick & two pairs of small scissors. They said the scissors were OK & was relieved to find them willing after some deliberation to accept
the rather expensive wading stick which had been a present did not pose a threat, so was more than happy to have the knife rightfully

Stayed overnight in a hotel after the WOW show & before checking out this arvo visited the new WW1 exhibition created by the world
acclaimed Weka workshops who create models for movie sets & suchlike all over the world. It follows the war experiences of a real life
youngster who naively signed up to join in the adventure & the reality of the horrors that followed.

I am mad with myself for taking my underwater camera which was totally unsuitable for taking photos of the exhibits therefore does not
in anyway do justice to the lifelike portrayals & attention to fine detail it involves creating thousands of such images.

Most of the pics have also been ruined by the fact the flash would not switch off therefore the flash was throwing far
too much light on the subjects.
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