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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2016 7:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Now for the most amazing bit of all !

How much did all that cost for 15 days in China including :-

Return flights
5 star hotels
All meals, including hotel breakfasts.
3 internal flights
Entry to all the attractions & shows mentioned
All coach transport & transfers
4 day Yangtze river cruise

Answer = $NZ2500 = approx. 1500 euros
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2016 3:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some staggering facts re China :-

The world population is conservatively accepted to be = 8 billion

Put them all in a line then every 1/100 = British, every 1/1500 = NZ

Every 1/5 will be Chinese. = one quarter of the world population.

China pop = X 5 the USA.

Farmers in China = one in three of their population.

Pigs or pork = China has over 50% of the world pop & eats them all.

Ducks = far more than 50%

This info courtesy of Joe Bennett in his book " Where underpants come from" which anyone that wants to gain an insight
into just how increasingly powerful China will become, absolutely should read even if it is based on 8 yo info.

As hordes of the population are constantly moving from the country areas to the cities to join in the exploding manufacturing
sector it is not very far off world domination. Having gained world domination there is no reason it should not retain it for many
centuries to come, if not for however many years are left to our species, because :-

Already most of us are clothed by China, Shod by China, supplied hardware, machinery, toys etc etc by China, & eventually cars,
trucks, aircraft etc. Most western countries are effectively in debt to China & will no doubt become increasingly so. If China was
to recall the debt the US owes then the US would virtually be bankrupted but thankfully the can ill afford to consider doing so for
the time being as would then lose their biggest customer.

For a couple of millennia China lead the world in technology along with pretty well everything else & looks like it is on the brink of
doing so once again.

However the MOST amazing factor is the number of us in the Western world ( including NZ ) that consider China to be a backward
nation, comprised primarily of sweat shops with the workers being paid with & surviving on a bowl of rice per day. This is not to say
such conditions have not existed & do not to a lesser degree still remain in some pockets of the industries. however these remaining
bastions are invariably fast being converted into high technology driven industries, still well capable of producing goods etc. at a more
than competitive price. Plus if push came to shove, China being largely self sufficient, does not need to import hardly anything for
their domestic market & anything they do if need be they could do without ... how many other countries can say the same ?

Admittedly they need to import certain commodities such as ore from Aust. raw cotton from the US etc. to make up their current China
produced shortfall to feed their mammoth export industries but even so still manage to sell it back at a profit in the form of a refined,
value added product, to the country from whence it came & elsewhere.

Many may consider, that this is a non fishing related topic therefore inappropriate to appear on a fishing forum. However the reality is
that development in China is going to affect fishing / boating in most, if not all countries along with almost everything else, probably
far sooner than we realize & there is no way we can stop it, even if we wanted to.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Back to fishing related posts or in part at least.

Set off last weekend to meet up with family & watch grandson Cooper play in the inter school first fifteen rugby series.
They played well enough against some really tough opposition but were beaten, however Cooper scored both of his teams'
tries, so everybody was well pleased. We were staying in Rotorua which has an abundance of fishing opportunity so reasoned
even if it was our 50 th. wedding anniversary I should nevertheless get a day or two of fishing.

Sushi for lunch after the game, Steve & Libby drove thru from Auckland.

Rotorua is something of a tourist destination with geothermal activity one of the attractions as can be seen in these pics of the
motel we first stayed in.

There are various thermal hot pools that are reputed to have various health giving properties according to which particular minerals
or elements they hold. One of the upsides for residents is that if they use some form of heat exchanger, then by tapping into a bore
they can have free heating along with free unlimited hot water. The downside is the thermal activity creates a lot of hydrogen sulphide
which has a distinct smell of bad eggs however altho very noticeable initially, most people become accustomed to it after a day or two
& are oblivious until their next visit. The otherwise harmless mineral fumes be rather corrosive to some metals or tend to form deposits
so some of the pools can appear to be a tad shabby with a build up of mineral crusts on rocks & pipes etc. along with at times, slightly
murky water however this is a natural occurrence in no way detrimental to health, quite the opposite in fact.

Cooper went off with his team mates to a school activity adventure camp leaving grand daughter Hazel & Audrey who were keen to make
the most of the activities on offer, starting with the two gondolas to the start of the luge track & the high speed cable ride.

At one stage passed over a group of feeding fallow deer.

Michael & I joined them for a couple of rides down the luge.

Next on the agenda was the high speed cable ride aka the Zipline where you are strapped into a harness attached to a gizmo which
in turn clips on to a cable via a couple of free spinning wheels, then off you go at 80 kmh down thru the trees etc. At that speed the
ride does not last that long but is probably the nearest thing to experiencing a pseudo superman trip.

At the completion of the Zipline ride there is an optional bungy jump included which Michael, Audrey & self opted to do. The jump itself
was not that intimidating however the thing I found rather disconcerting was the fact you were required to shuffle out backwards on
a narrow ( about 30 cm wide ) platform until only the balls of you feet ( I repeat feet ) remain on the platform then you toss yourself
backwards. Ok the drop of 30 or 40 mtrs. is not that far but at coming on 77 years of age my agility is not quite what it was so harboured
visions of losing balance, my feet slipping off the platform & spitting my nose open on where might feet had been less than a second ago.

The motel unit we were in backed onto the Utuhina stream that holds quite a number of fish & could have fished it from the balcony of
our unit. Altho somewhat tempted to do so, felt it was bit to much of a "touristy" locality therefore would much prefer a river offering
a degree of solitude, but as things turned out may have been better off being less fussy.

That afternoon we moved into a fairly classy hotel & all went out for an Indian meal that evening.

Next morning a drove to one of my favourite rivers to fish but was somewhat dismayed to find it was in flood from all the recent rain, which
obviously had been much more intense back in the hills that feed the river.

The conditions looked fairly hopeless & would normally not even bother, but decided having driven the distance may as well give it a try which
I did for several hours for nix however given the conditions that came as no surprise. Was considering trying again the next day in the hope the
river may have settled down a bit however it rained steadily during that night so had to accept it was a lost cause.

On the way home called into the beautiful Waihou river walk & despite the fact the river being spring fed was clear & totally fishable I opted not
to indulge even if it meant returning home fishless ....... Geez I must really be getting old !

This weekend will be going in the Manukau harbour "Grunter Hunter" fishing competition despite not being that inclined to enter competitions
however this is more of a social event. The comp is on the Sunday so Vinnie will tow the boat to the venue & I will drive the motorhome to provide
our accommodation, so as we can fish the Sat / Sun, drink up at the prize giving function then return home the next day provide.

Things were looking a bit dicey yesterday when I wheeled the boat out of the garage to check all was well as what with our trip away etc. it is quite
awhile since it was last used. The motor started easy enough but if it has not been used for awhile, usually like to rev it a bit to clear any excess of
oil after which it runs smoothly. Did exactly that & was pleased to see the clouds of blue smoke indicating any excess of residual oil is being cleared
then as expected it settled down to run smoothly even on idle. What was not expected which was cause for concern was the fact that the water from
the "tell tale" vent, which hitherto had been running consistently was no longer sending out a jet of water. The purpose of "tell tale jet" of course is
to indicate cooling water is circulating around the engine block etc. & if it is not showing then could lead to serious overheating problems. Fearing it
may be a pump impellor failure that would rule out using the boat for the competition, set about trying to book it into a repair shop which naturally
proved to be impossible at such short notice. Rang Vinnie & the comp organiser to advise re the situation that we may not be able to make it. Was
not very confident of success, nevertheless set about experimenting with a variety of attempts in the hope of finding a remedy such as poking a wire
down the waterways, reversing the water flow & using compressed air etc. Not sure what worked ... maybe it was a combination but was delighted
to se water flowing freely from the tell tale once again when the motor was started .... so all good to go.

By the way for anyone not aware the term "grunta" is one of the "nick names" given to gurnard which are a beautifully coloured fish ( hope to put
up a pic of our winning fish after Sunday ) due to the noise they make when lifted from the water sounding like a cross between a bark & a croaking
frog ...... they are often referred to as "carrots" as well due to their bright orange colours. Generally known as a winter fish that are not the fiercest
of fighters but make for delicious eating.

Been so long since last going saltwater fishing am starting to crave a meal or two of freshly caught fillets. Besides being unlikely to be fresh, as an
ardent fisho, pride prevents me buying any however must confess to buying these prawns & salad for last nights' dinner.

Last edited by Bazza on Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:18 pm; edited 5 times in total
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Looks like you had an enjoyable trip to China Barry Smile

Fish SKB - The Very Best Fly Fishing Tackle and Fishing Flies
Casting At Shadows - New Zealand and Christmas Island DVDs
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Certainly did Chris, but would not suit anyone that was looking for a relaxing holiday as is totally full on 24 / 7.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We got away reasonably early Sat with Vinnie towing the boat & myself driving the motorhome, which was fortunate as allowed us a good run
to the competition venue for it was a long weekend so the traffic would bound to be much heavier later.

On arrival quickly set up then launched the boat to go out for a reccie to try suss out a few likely spots for the competition the next day &
managed to come back with reasonable haul ( the orange ones & only ones shown in these pics, are the target species for the comp )

There were a lot of good size KY brought aboard as well but despite being fierce fighters they become something of a nuisance after awhile
as when hooked they often run around other lines causing serious tangles plus they are given to spraying blood about when brought aboard
making a mess of everything.

The biggest two from Saturdays catch, had they been caught on Sun would have qualified for second & third places but in a totally
unsportsman like fashion Smudge & Skoti the weighmasters, ruled them ineligible for the Sun comp, so we let their tyres down as well
as demanding our two bottles of rum back that had been given as a bribe.

Saturday' nights beef curry dinner with mushroom sauce etc. went down well with a few cold cans of the amber liquid.

Likewise Sun nights' Waikanae beef steak & mushroom sauce etc.

Sundays' catch despite going back to the same spots did not perform near as well as the Sat both in size of gurnard or numbers.

Anyone want an as new burley pot ?

If so there is one in the Papakura channel when we forgot to lift it as well as an outboard flag somewhere between Albany & Te Toro.

Then after getting home when we were cleaning the boat the water blaster "sucked a kumara" still it would not be a trip out with me
unless there were a series of mishaps.

On a more positive note had there been a "most meritorious catch" category then surely I would have taken it for ( I kid you not to
which Vinnie can attest to ) I managed to lasso a gurnard by the tail & you gotta admit, that takes a huge amount of talent.

No ... it was not hooked on the tail, rather using incredible skill managed to loop one of the droppers on the ledger rig around the tail
which then formed a knot that held firm.

Actually I intend conducting seminars on how to perfect the technique for those that might be interested.
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Season closes end of this month until first of Oct. for approx. 80% of the water so Lloyd & I decided to
squeeze in a trip away to the King Country area for a few days & only arrived back last night. The weather
was kind & remarkably mild considering it is mid winter & had to trim down to a tee shirt at one stage as
was getting too hot in the light jacket I chose to wear.

Lloyd is or at least has been primarily a Stillwater flyfisher but on this trip he has grasped the differing techniques
required for river fishing & boosted his confidence significantly by catching several fish.

For some unknown reason most of the fish we were catching were nor jumping as they would normally be expected
to do, instead were tending to stay deep.

We fished various locations catching fish at them all even if the catch rate would be best described as gratifying rather
than full on.

Either my wading boots have shrunk or my feet have grown bigger as I was suffering considerably from painful feet not
helped by the fact the rivers in the area have largish rocks at times bordering on being mini boulders. Therefore wading
or even making way upriver on the banks is at best difficult & at worst potentially risky as can be slippery at times or wobbly.
Lloyd had the advantage of having studs on his boots giving a better grip, but unfortunately the soles on mine were well worn,
therefore combined with painful feet managed to take three or four tumbles. At one point the back of one boot became jammed
between a couple of rocks causing me to fall backwards with head & shoulders in the water plus my rod thrown backwards into
the river. Thankfully my boot came free & had managed to hold on to the flyline so after the undignified process of becoming
upstanding again tentatively retrieved my rod. Not that much longer took another fall when a rock moved landing on my hip
which proved to be quite painful.

About that time quite frankly I was in dire need of convincing of how much fun flyfishing can be.

At one point in time we went to a particular spot on the river that Lloyd was aware of but I did not know existed. It involved walking
a considerable distance thru the local rodeo grounds which normally would not present a problem. However at that stage my feet were
causing such excruciating pain that when I saw the final section that required climbing down a steep bank common sense finally
prevailed & I decided to let Lloyd carry on whilst I went back to check on the bread we had left baking. Well I am not widely known as
possessing a lot of common sense which was confirmed by the fact I relented by clambering over the rather formidable fence behind
Lloyd then following him down to the river.

The cliff like hill can be seen in the background once we were down, but still had to face the return.

Once at the river painfully waded out & after awhile hooked into a fish but lost it when losing my balance due to slipping off a rock.
Decided then & there enough was enough, so clambered ashore , removed boots waders & socks resolving to make the trip back in
bare feet which I did. The relief from the pain from being bootless was glorious, tempered only by the number of sharp stones, sticks &
thistles hidden amongst the grass.

Finally made it back to the motorhome & enjoyed a few well earned cans of beer whilst we half heatedly attended to the bread baking
in the fish smoker which surprisingly enough turned out rather well ,,,, quite delicious in fact.

There had been a further mishap as yet not mentioned after hooking up on a very pretty reasonable size brownie, when bringing it into the
rocky shallows. With maybe 20 mtrs of similar territory behind would have taken awhile to reach the shore therefore as I do not carry a net
decided would try to remove the hook there whilst it was languishing in the water between the rocks. I was fishing two nymphs about 300 mm
apart but when I ran my fingers down the fluorocarbon leader the fish went ballistic driving one of the hooks into the side of my hand, driving
it even deeper each time it leapt. Realising I could be in trouble if it took off down river in desperation managed to control my adversary with
my boot long enough to somehow grab the section of flouro between the nymphs then give it a good yank enough to break it off ... phew !

Then came the unenviable task of removing the barbed hook which I have found requires total commitment to yank with as much force as possible
using pliers or suchlike, a method which to date has always worked albeit at the expense of a certain amount of flesh & rather profuse bleeding
nevertheless is all over in under a few minutes providing you are totally committed to yanking with as much force as you can muster.

Hope to get away late tomorrow to squeeze in another trip for a few days before the closure at the end of July. Today is the shortest day of the
the year so the days will slowly become longer with the now restricted hours of daylight roughly between 7 am to about 5 - 30 pm but in summer
will extend to approx. 5 am to 9 pm giving much longer effective fishing time.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

With barely a week to go before the close of the season on most waters decided to squeeze in one last trip.

Am normally fairly lucky weather wise on trips away to the extent of seldom taking much notice of forecasts
however this time was to be entirely different. Left later at night to avoid the rush hour traffic & after an hour
or so a weather bomb hit, along with strong winds making for difficult driving conditions particularly in the old
motorhome. Parked & slept overnight at a rest area just over halfway to the intended destination where the
skies really opened up overnight altho at that stage had no idea how intense the rain actually was. One sight
of the river intending to fish was enough to decide that would be out of contention for at least three days or so
& even then only if no more rain fell in the interim.

Before leaving home had rung a couple of contacts to check on the condition of various rivers & Dave had said their
area in the Ruakituri valley had been particularly dry so despite not being able to reach him on the phone for an
update decided to take my chances even if it was about a 5 hour slow drive in the motorhome.

On the way could not believe the extent to which many properties had been affected by the rainfall that fell in under 24 hrs.

In places the river levels were over the road with fallen power poles, trees, slips etc. with some farms experiencing water
levels well above the fence posts.

Below is the Waimana stream which normally would have only a moderately gentle flow but seeing this raised concerns that
some of the roads might be closed, but fortunately did not encounter any.

Once again slept overnight but was encouraged by the fact there had only been a couple of bursts of rain overnight but unknown
at that stage was that my hopes were to prove misplaced. Considered ringing Dave again to check however having come thus far
did not fancy turning around for the long haul back & besides where to that might be a better bet. Getting closer to the destination
most sections of various rivers were running high & dirty so came as know real surprise that the Ruakituri was as well, even if a
mini rainbow at Te Reinga falls had offered the chance to wish otherwise.

Before moving on to the camping spot had a chat with Dave then took a peek at Roys' memorial walnut tree & was pleased to see
it is thriving so may yield fruit next season.

Not only were the rivers unfishable but were having to survive on starvation rations, such as lobster & prawn salad,
pus out of season home grown new potatoes.

A steak & veg/salad meal, altho forgot to put the cooked wild mushrooms on the plate as a sauce. ( thought it looked a trifle sparse )

A pork roast ( roasted in the Cobb slow cooker ) with roast potato, kumara, pumpkin, carrot, parsnip & onion,
along with wild mushrooms.

Followed by a jam sponge on passionfruit ice cream with chocolate sprinkle.

River was still running high & dirty next morning however the level had dropped about a meter or so as well as
clearing marginally, so thought if that continued there might be the chance of a fish later in the afternoon. It
had improved very slightly come mid arvo so in a display of optimism set out on a foray albeit holding little
confidence given the condition of the water.

A rainbow gave the opportunity to wish for a trophy fish which unfortunately did not happen.

However against all the odds it did grant me two rainbows & a brownie which was three more fish than expected.
Took pics of all three, but for some unknown reason only one of the first seems to have registered ... sounds a
likely story I know, but it did happen. Come to think of it, was the last ones taken so best check to see if the camera
has "packed a sad"

Having had considerable success in poor conditions was looking forward to the next days' fishing however hopes were
dashed on hearing torrential rain on the roof that night. Sure enough the river had risen somewhat as well as becoming
cloudier so after a brief but fruitless try gave up & prepared to leave. Went back to the original destination in the hope it
may have cleared somewhat & it had not experience the latest downpour. However it was if anything in worse condition
therefore after staying overnight packed up then set off on the way home.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

We have all but forgotten what fresh fillets of sea fish taste like given it is so long since
having the boat out fishing for a combination of reasons :-

Mostly due to the weather which has been abysmal & shows little indication of relenting.

On the occasional day when it calms down for a short time thereby offering a brief window
of opportunity have invariably had other commitments or the boat has been in for service
or minor repair work.

Can but be patient & wait I guess.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 2:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There finally appeared to be a brief window of opportunity weather wise to get out fishing on
Thursday morning, so had the boat all set to go but took on awakening one look at the wind in
the trees & canned the idea.

Friday also appeared to have a short break in the weather however as a complete change of wind
direction gave some hope of the sea calming down somewhat so left the boat set up in anticipation
& thankfully so it was to be.

Must admit that as it was well into winter I was rather apprehensive about the fishing telling myself
I would be happy with only one or two fish. Just to prove how unpredictable that fishing can be it
was instant action from the word go with well conditioned snapper coming aboard & had four within
the space of 20 mins or so.

This character at least seemed to have confidence in my fishing ability .......

Was not too long before I had my limit of seven snapper altho lost quite a bit of time along with a lot of
gear when hooking up on about six of these "bad boys". Each time one hooked up it took off like a turbo
charged bull dozer instilling false hope of it being a huge snapper but apart from giving an intense long
lasting fight they posed something of a problem when boat side as what to do with them, however by moving
the line about could usually get the leader to sever just above the hook on their razor sharp dentures.

Been so long since we have had fresh fish therefore it was much appreciated at dinner last night to the extent
we are looking forward to more of the same tonight.

Yummy ... fresh filets brushed with a wasabi / kikoman soy mix, dipped in beaten egg then coated with panko crumbs
& gently panfried until golden. Accompanied with home grown salad also Japanese limes, with the addition of fresh pineapple,
avocado etc. along with beer battered chips & a bottle of sauvignon blanc ....... aah ... sheer bliss.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yesterday once again managed to slot into a limited window of opportunity to get out in a short break in the seemingly
unending atrocious weather of late.

Was, like as the last three trips out, very productive with both of us getting our combined limit of 14 snaps & would add
before some one responds saying that was being greedy, be rest assured they have been spread around between worthy
recipients, therefore I feel no guilt. Nothing huge, all between 300 plus to 360 but were in top condition.

Conditions for the time we were fishing proved to be relatively settled compared to what it has been like lately however
the trip back later on was fairly lumpy when the wind when an increasingly angry wind swung to the SW.

We were fishing in the Tiri channel off the end of the peninsular & at one stage we drift fished thru a work up involving
sooty shearwaters & one of the snapper hooked spat out a couple of live whitebait. Presumably this was what the KY were
feeding on but the question remains in my mind, is what were they doing out there & what rivers or streams do they intend
running up ?

In case anyone is thinking they were probably smelt or "babies" of some other fish species then it should be mentioned that
Vinnie who is an ardent white baiter ( hence his aka of BAITCATCHER ) with three decades or more experience identified
them as definitely being whitebait.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 4:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finding a suitable break in the weather to take the boat out lately has been proving to be near impossible.
The situation is further complicated by the fact the marine forecasters must all employ old coots with shaky
handwriting to predict the weather by giving them a line of days on the calendar & asking them to draw a
straight line thru them to use as wind chart, for the predictions are changing dramatically every 6 hrs or so
making it totally frustrating trying to plan a trip for any particular day.

This week has been no different but largely out of frustration Lloyd & self decided to take a punt on going out
yesterday putting our hopes into a window of opportunity that appeared, providing the forecast did not change
for the worst.

It was a sound decision weather-wise but unfortunately were not so lucky with the fishing which was to be one
of the toughest days for a long time. Nevertheless managed enough fish for us both to enjoy a meal of fresh fish
each plus some fillets promised to our vegetarian daughter.

Weather & tide times at this stage looking promising for a trip out on the Kaipara on Monday so have left the boat out in
anticipation of the forecast holding & catching plenty of those delicious gurnard that inhabit the harbour mostly during winter.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vinnie & I took advantage of a short break in the weather to go out on a mission for gurnard but after a
rather difficult low tide launch that had exposed layers of mud at the end of the ramp, neither of us had
had a bite after 2 1/2 hours fishing, despite trying several spots that had previously proven productive.
Ironically enough I had mentioned to Vinnie on the way to the ramp, that in all the many times we had
been out together, we had never blanked & at this stage we were beginning to think maybe I had instigated
a jinx !!!!

In desperation we finally decided to move all the way across to the other side, which could have been rather
dicey as we would be returning on a falling tide meaning if we did hit a sandbar we would be staying out overnight ,
likewise if a rain squall or suchlike hit, would not be able to see the direction to follow.

We did start catching fish there fortunately even if they were not the target species ie gurnard of which we only
caught a grand total of two whilst being hassled by non target species like KY, sharks ( at one stage had three
sharks on at once that went around in circles creating a masterpiece of braid macramé ) however managed quite
a few chunky snapper that made things rather worthwhile.

What initially looked as tho it would be a non event after a change in fortune eventually produced over half a bin
load of fish. The trip back gave a few worrying moments when the sounder was showing water depth at less than
a metre & dropping, nevertheless made it safely back to the other side.

Given the on going stormy weather of late the day turned on idyllic turn of weather.

One of the smaller sharks from the multiple hook up had several lacerations presumably from bites from its' much
larger cousin during the ensuring tangle.

The final catch.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sad to say this report could have taken less than a single line for that is how bad the fishing was out & about around Tiri today,
in fact it was the hardest day I can remember in over a decade.

OK it was a moderate SE & a full moon both of which do not auger well for fishing but even so does not account for an almost
total lack of action plus there were hardly any fish showing on the sounder anywhere despite trying, shallow, deep, rocky etc.

Vinnie, Ish & self spent about 5 hours out there for a grand total of maybe 10 undersize snaps & a couple of decent size KY
between us.

There was nevertheless a period of excitement at one stage when we thought we had a mega size snapper on ....... however
it proved to be one decent size KY plus the anchor warp it had chosen to run around.

It is perhaps understandable that the fish do not bite at times, but to almost disappear on the sounder defies reason & there
would have been 20 or more gannets in the channel but they were simply resting up on the water ... did have brief interaction
with a dolphin tho, which was nice.

Have been busy booking a trip to Vietnam & Cambodia so unfortunately for the crew, due to constantly thinking about several
related issues, I had barely had a wink of sleep during the night, so they had to endure a totally cranky minded skipper.

Ah well that's fishing I guess & we did not feel quite so bad hearing that others had found it to be likewise.

At least we did not blank entirely.

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Yesterday Vinnie & I were invited to go out in a friends boat who lives on the other side of Auckland
so were fishing maybe 50 kms away from our normal location which adds a different dimension to be
fishing unfamiliar territory. The mid day start was later than we are normally used to nevertheless we
were away in due course at speed as Steps ( boat owner ) had recently upgraded his 125 hp motor to
a 150 hp which saw us screaming along at 64 kph albeit the short chop made it less than ideal conditions
for full throttle.

On arrival at the intended spot began drift fishing producing only tentative bites & only one just legal size
fish coming onboard indicating we could be in for a fairly slow day however after changing positions to
different drift lines the fishing improved significantly including a couple that were of a good size.

The bin began to fill ............

Towards the end we were releasing fish considerably over the legal size of 300 mm in order to chance a really
big fish which did not eventuate. Nevertheless when the fishing slowed somewhat at change of tide as dusk
approached, we decided to call it a day we had a very gratifying tally of fish all of which were nice & fat in top
condition which should make for fine eating.

Thanx Steps for a great trip with rewarding fishing.
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