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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 4:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Opportunities to get out fishing have been far & few between of late, primarily because of the weather however when a short
break in the weather has occurred always seemed to have other commitments.

Has also been difficult to plan ahead for any particular day as forecast keeps changing & so it was for today which had shown promise
but then changed for the worse. Nevertheless as the boat had been readied to go decided to give it a shot however as the wind gathered
force, we were beginning to question our decision.

Boby who has only been fishing for a relatively short time, was rather flattering in his saying that he was looking forward to learning some
techniques from this "old timer" therefore I was quite please when he boated his first fish.

I must confess was a trifle less happy for him when he caught the second one whilst I was hauling in a steady stream of tiddlers.

Just to show him we old timers know a thing or two, I specifically targeted this pigfish ... just a shame they are considered to be "rubbish fish"
& good for nothing apart from maybe garden fertiliser.

At the end of the day I consoled myself with the thought that I must be a teacher par excellence as Boby thanks to me, had caught four fine fish.

The fact I had caught zilch is neither here nor there!

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was hoping to get out again in order to save face by catching a few fish after suffering the indignity of blanking twice in a row, but reckon there must be a higher order that does not want me to go !

Forecast looked OK for Tues so was all set to go except ended up in deep trouble when I dropped a storage container off a high shelf & it landed on the bonnet of swmbo s' Getz leaving behind a couple of dents. Small as they were it was still judged to be an offence on par with a capital offence, consequently much of the day was spent at the panel beaters & lodging a claim with insurance.

As you can see I am ultra fastidious when it comes to keeping the garage / workshop very tidy & orderly. Also whilst the pic is up the cut away wall forming an alcove just to the right of the window is in order to be able to fit the boat in the garage albeit by a mere 5 mm front & back. It is a fairly large one level house with a wide expanse of wall area nevertheless Murphy's law prevailed inasmuch as the section of cut out was where the water & power came in so risk a flood or a shower of sparks each time the boat is put away.

Wednesday had an appointment, Thursday forecast not so good therefore Friday it was then, until someone arranged a potential tsunami warning. Out of total frustration was tempted to go regardless but for once common sense prevailed.

Then ironically the weekend forecast is looking good but I long ago resolved not to join in the weekend ramp madness & not frustrated enough to change that even tho Mon, Tues, Wed forecasts don't look at all promising.

Anyone want to buy a boat ?
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Like most boat owners I had always presumed that if the motor started then the battery would be charging, but found out this week that
it is not always the case & my friend Kerry kindly identified then fixed the problem.

Last Tues when Boby ( Fish4T ) & myself were out, the motor as usual started fine but when we came to use the finder it flashed "flat battery"
then about 5 mins later went dead despite the fact we were still underway with the motor running. In due course it was found that anything that
was being run thru the switch control panel was not working either such as the second sounder, nav lights, anchor light, bilge pump & altho we
never tried it probably the vhf as well, with the only exception being the GPS however that has a backup internal battery that was well charged.

Conversely the power tilt, motor start & anchor winch appeared to be working well but Kerry said it well might have been at the expense of drain
on the battery if charge from the motor was not reaching the motor. The drain on a non charging battery would have been high when using the
anchor winch as we did numerous thinking as the motor was running then it was all sweet, however had we continued to do so eventually the
motor start quite likely would have failed thru insufficient power.

I have been laments the fact the weather along with other factors was repeatedly preventing getting out again thinking there must
have been some unknown force causing this to happen. In actual fact I now realise if such a force exists, it was possibly protecting
me from a mishap caused by a flat battery & all the more so on one of the days the wind kept me at home decided to look for the
cause of the various malfunctions.


I discovered an inline fuse close to the battery on the wiring that feeds the switch panel had not only blown but appeared to have
semi exploded setting fire in places to both the plastic of the fuse & the internals of the fuse holder. I possibly may have been able
to replace the fuse assembly but the extent of the damage made me decide it was a job for someone who knew what they were a
bout & this was where Kerry as he as done before, kindly offered to take a look at it yesterday.

He concluded that corrosion in the fuse holder contacts, presumably due to salt environment despite being tucked away in the battery
cupboard was causing a heat build up finally resulting in a burnout.

We shot down to Burnsco for a new fuse assembly & Kerry spent time installing it, cleaning up any corrosion in other areas then testing
to make sure everything was working again, which it was so battery was put on charge to bring it up to full power. On his recommendation I
subsequently purchased a CTEK battery status indicator from Burnsco which is a simple little gizzmo that connects to positive & negative
terminals then midway there are three small led lights namely red, yellow, green that depending on which one is glowing indicates the
current state of the battery.

They are aptly called a "comfort indicator" & at a mere $20 for something that is dead easy to install then only takes a quick glance to
establish if the battery is OK, marginal or definitely in need of charging.

So I would urge anyone reading this to inspect any inline fuses for any sign of corrosion ( wouldn't you think for marine use they would
make them corrosion resistant? ) & install one of the simple $20 battery status indicators.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

At last a good day weather wise to get out fishing however regret to say the fishing for me lately has been the slowest
I can remember in decades. Am inclined to think it could be due to the water temps being a couple of degrees colder than
would normally be expected at this time of year, altho a few are reporting quite gratifying results which does not make me
feel any better, quite the opposite in fact.

Nouri & myself set off yesterday on a calm sea with very promising conditions but we were about to discover how false those
promises were. We also became rather confused about the tidal flow which seemed to be holding in the opposite direction to
that expected but finally concurred that I must have got the times of the high & low tides mixed up.

Spent about 45 mins fishing my hitherto "never fail spot" for zilch so headed for the locality where Boby caught a few decent
fish last time we were out but this time only produced tiny bites & undersize fish so we moved further out towards deeper water.
The sounder was showing quite a few fish on the sounder but only 3/4 of the depth which would suggest they were not snapper
as they are mostly bottom feeders & it became obvious when we began boating quite a few kahawai. Then we finally boated a
reasonable size snapper which was heartening to the extent we thought maybe it was about to start but once again continued to
bring in mostly undersize fish. Nouri did catch a trevally which make fantastic sashimi particularly when freshly caught.

Things were looking rather bleak considering we were both not only expecting a meal of fresh fish but had told Daryl we would
bring him down some fillets when we are down there next Wednesday to camp on his farm to begin fishing on opening day. At
one stage my rod bent over under the strain of a heavy weight but that was all it felt like so reasoned it must be hooked into
the burley pot but proved not to be when it was hauled up & could not be the anchor rope as that was holding in quite the opposite
direction. So returned to the rod to slowly wind up something that still felt like a dead weight but no idea what it could be other
than perhaps a sizeable bundle of sea weed, so were delighted when a John Dory surfaced & a more than decent sized one at that,
as they are considered to be a really top quality eating fish.

Not sure if you guys up there have JD/s in the Northern hemisphere, if so you will know what superb eating they are but the less than
memorable fight on the line they give & are usually found in relatively shallow weedy areas as being slow moving, they like to lie
camouflaged then when an unsuspecting fish comes near their huge mouth shoots out like a super extendable gladston bag to devour
their prey. Therefore they are mostly caught on live baits, However if the fish they have chosen to eat happens to have already been
hooked by an angler then they often cannot disgorge their prey consequently resulting in providing dinner for the lucky angler & so it
was in this instance ... albeit in rather unusual circumstances namely :-

( 1 ) had been caught in relatively deep ( 26 mtrs ) sandy bottom.

( 2 ) The size of the fish it had swallowed ( 265 mm )

Often the hitherto unfortunate 2 nd party can be released alive meaning it was really their lucky day & will be able to relate to their friends in
answer to their query of " how did your day go ?" by replying " well. was minding my own business, when I was eaten, then pulled aboard
a boat to be put back in the water to return home!"

Regrettably in this instance the very much alive 2 nd party proved impossible to dislodge even finally utilising pliers however perhaps not all
that surprising given it was over 260 mm long.

At this stage maybe I should apologise for any incoherent dialogue due to the imbibing of several strong rum & cokes to offer relief to the trauma
suffered, due to the technology involved in modern vehicles, whereby so called "keyless" operation lead to a saga of a driveable vehicle not being
able to be restarted ....... but let's stop there as am still trying to recover from the rush hour trauma !!

Still in keeping with the old saying that " all is well, that ends well' the sashimi was delicious, we are having a meal of John Dory tonight plus Nouri
& myself have enough for a meal when away plus enough various fillets to give Daryl to honour our promise ... life is certainly good once more !

PS meal tonight from 1/4 of a fillet.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nouri & self left early Wed morning the day before opening day so as to be set up riverside about lunchtime,
river is less than a one minute walk to the right of pic.

As it was the first time fly fishing for Nouri we spent time practising technique however used a hook-less nymph
so as to be legal ( presumably ) as season did not open until the next day.

Due to substantial rain recently the river was running high which was to make the fishing difficult also as was too risky to cross
the river our available fishing was reduced by about 60 %.

For diner had delicious panko crusted recently caught John Dory fillets.

Set off early net morning full of eager anticipation & after some further tuition for Nouri now he was using a fully
loaded setup ie nymphs with hooks,I moved a bit further on upriver. Was not long before I had a "horse" of a fish on
so yelled out to Nouri to come to fight it, but unfortunately he was both out of view & could not hear over the noise
of the river however whilst trying to hang on until he arrived the undoubtebly best fish of the trip was lost. This was
repeated shortly after with a relatively docile, poorly conditioned specimen so had nothing to show for my efforts
therefore Nouri probably thought I was making it all up. Nevertheless after that initial success the prospects of
continuing action augered well however I dropped another fish & the fishing seemed to go off for most of the day
before picking up again slightly late arvo.

I managed to land a couple of fish later in the day & a good one the next morning but the fishing was to prove to be
fairly hard with some normally productive spots not firing at all other than Nouri saying he had felt a couple of tugs.

A roast chicken done the Cobb slow cooker dinner that night & next day had a reasonable number of hook-ups.

At one stage Nouri was put in the prime number one hookup spot & shown where to cast then how best to fish it. After
awhile it was obvious despite repeated prompting he was not drifting his nymphs in the best spot, so I borrowed the rod
he was using to demonstrate the locality to cast into & hooked into a good sized fish on the first cast. Handed the rod back
for him to play the fish which he did fairly well until whilst I was preoccupied moving my rod to avoid having it stood on
being inexperienced landing a fish on a fly rod tried to haul it unforgivingly onto the bank breaking it off in the process.

I normally strictly adhere to the golden rule that water & alcohol are a potentially dangerous mixture by not drinking whilst
out in the boat or on the river however as a pre dinner treat were enjoying 3 doz or so oysters relented and had a low alc.
beer deciding that would probably do no harm. That did not last as long as the oysters so as there was no low alc. left risked
having a 500 mil can of 5 .5 alc. We were about to tog up to go fishing when the farmer Daryl arrived on a farm bike so offered
him a drink & as it would have been rude not to join him so partook of another can as well.

Set off after that to fish before the light faded & I was feeling rather "relaxed" until wading in to retrieve nymphs stuck on the
bottom slipped on a rock & took a dunking. Fortunately was not particularly fast flowing water so managed to find my feet again
then stumble ashore albeit rather laboriously.

Despite not being very productive it had been an enjoyable time away that Nouri seemed to enjoy as well as his getting enthusiastic
about taking up flyfishing. Left reasonably early Sunday morning as grandchildren were staying for several days & Cooper the eldest
was keen to go whitebaiting on the Monday so Vinnie had once again obliged by offering to take us, but that is another story.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Was an early morning start to suit the tides with an uncertain weather report but given that was the only
day Cooper ( grandson ) had available whilst they were in Auckland then was a case now or never to take
up on Vinnies' kind offer.

On arrival Vinnie spent time showing Cooper how best to set up a stand & how to work it. With the amount of
rain recently the water was relatively coloured but quite fishable nevertheless.

Was not too long before he got the hang of things by consistently managing reasonably hauls ending up well above mine.

There was little or any rain but there were consistent southerly gust that drove the fine sand into everything including eyes,
ears, hair & giving new meaning to the word sandwiches when trying to snack. The dislodged sand was pouring of the banks
like mini waterfalls begging the question of how the dunes manage to survive.

Things quietened right down fish-wise at the turn of tide about 1 pm so was decided to call it a day with a gratifying amount of
fish to take back, more than enough for a couple of meals & at approx. $160 kg otherwise almost unaffordable.

This is the type of terrain Vinnie has to negotiate in his 4wd with 4 persons on board & fully laden trailer in tow .... rather him than me.

The logs dotted about get deposited there when the river is in flood which must be rather scary considering the amount above sea level.

Stopped off at a comparatively sheltered location for lunch whilst numerous fire trucks drove by with sirens screaming no doubt on their way
to a grass fire we had passed that was being driven up the hills by the wind & was obviously going to be very difficult to bring under control.

Had been a good day out & a new experience for Cooper apart from the wind blown sand to the extent when later washing my hair in the
shower the shower base could be likened to a beach sans the seagulls.

The next few days the g/kids were here were jam packed full of the normal obligatory grandparents activities such as movies, ten pin bowling,
forest treks, eating out & theme parks etc.

They are back home now & would be nice to have a few days for we oldies to recover, but unfortunately there is a
very busy schedule before we fly to Fiji in a week.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vinnie rang Sunday evening to ask if I wanted to go whitebaiting which was too good an offer to decline so it was arranged
to set out at 6 am yesterday. Was only one other person setting up when we arrived so could pick & choose our spots in
anticipation of a successful day as Vinnie had recently had a bumper catch.

Things started off fairly slow with only 3 or 4 per scoop but after an hour or so the average per scoop began to steadily increase.

A gratifying accumulation from maybe 6 scoops & the only other fisher had gone, so had the whole beach to ourselves.

By the time the run stopped at the turn of the tide I had scooped a PB of almost a container full & Vinnie had accounted for just on
1 1/2 containers as shown in pic.

We were to be going out fishing in the boat tomorrow but the weather has been so changeable lately with forecast 5knt winds now
expected to be 17 knt so have postponed until Thursday providing that forecast does not take a change for the worse as well.

As an aside here is a preview of the playmate of the month Jan 2016 ... expressions of interest from females only please.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vinnie & I set of at daybreak yesterday morning in an effort break the run of pathetic fishing of late, which is the most chronic
that I can remember for decades but unfortunately was not to be any different this time.

Not only that but to add to our problems the wind was at least 50% more than forecast making things rather uncomfortable.

For much of the time the sounder was showing screeds of sign, yet we were having trouble getting bites so can only assume the
fish had other things on their minds such as spawning & guess most of us can relate to that.

There were the usual undersize fish coming aboard to be released however on the rare occasion a keeper obliged then the bites
would fade. I managed a couple of keepers & Vinnie boated an octopus which was an ideal size for eating. We spent ages moving
about in a futile attempt to find an "El Dorado" with Vinnie catching a keeper in the final minutes bring out rather pathetic total to
three snapper & one octopus.

Off to Fiji on Sunday where I was hoping the fishing would be better but apparently there is a strong possibility of a cyclone .......
seems like I can't win lately no matter what.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Arrived in Fiji around about mid day & first thing that struck us on leaving the aircraft was the heat .... not that the
temperature was excessively high but combined with an un accustomed level of humidity it was very energy draining
so could hardly wait to change out of long trousers etc. Once at the resort the air conditioning proved to be most welcome
along with the ceiling fan plus it began to rain which thankfully lowered the humidity along with the temperature so opted
to make the most of the change with a mid arvo nap as were both feeling rather jaded, after which we went on a tour of
inspection of the grounds etc.

In the top pic it can be seen there is a bar almost at water level where patrons can enjoy a drink whilst in the pool which I doubt
would be allowed in most countries for a variety of reasons but it was to become obvious that Fiji makes its' own rules such as
the sugar cane train that runs along the path in front of the units however sans any signs to advise accordingly or not to park in
the way. The greenery in the foreground are bushes or trees beyond which the stacked cane can be seen & is black as they set fire
to the plantation before cutting which can be quite a spectacular sight particularly at night when almost the entire sky lights up.

Although only a fairly narrow track the engine appeared to be relatively powerful which it must have been in order to haul sixty odd
fully laden wagons but did not seem to run to any sort of schedule appearing maybe three or four times in a day with the first sign
that it was on its' way was an approaching rumble then the sound of a horn just as it was about to pass through. In fact one evening
afternoon whilst enjoying a cold drink on our balcony, we were provided entertainment when a van had been briefly parked encroaching
on the trains territory when a horn could be heard blasting away frantically & the van driver despite running back feverishly did not
arrive in time to avoid stacks of sugar cane from pushing the van sideways.

A couple of shots of the pool & restaurant at sunset :-

There were a section of boats at the resort jetty so put time into trying to organise a fishing trip which was to prove to be rather a daunting
prospect after having organised another six to come along ... but more on that later. Suffice to say the Fijians are a very friendly welcoming
race but things mostly move at a very relaxed pace generally known as "Island time" so arrangements are often far from conclusive, which
can be prove to be somewhat frustrating initially to outsiders, until they too learn to adjust to "Island time"

There is a high Indian population in Fiji, largely as a result of the original British owners of the sugar cane plantations bringing in indentured
labourers from India many years back. Therefore there are some great places to enjoy a wide range of genuine curries at very reasonable prices
which I did a couple of times ... yum.

One day we spent on Beachcomber Island passing several similar small islands on the way, most of which due to the surrounding coral have
brilliantly white sandy beaches.

Ashore at Beachcomber Island.

After walking around the Island, then several swims enjoyed a Pacific buffet style lunch I took the opportunity to venture
out to the reef on a small boat to snorkel as had brought along an underwater camera.

A couple of underwater pics of small turtles.

It was a fantastic experience to be amongst so many fish :-

I was told later someone had sighted a couple of bull sharks however I did not see any possibly because I was struggling to
make headway against the current back to the boat, as one flipper had come off however one of the crew noticing I was making
hard work of it, kindly jumped in to offer assistance for the last few meters.

OK back to the fishing :- was trying to organise a group so as to make such a venture economically feasible so spread the word
& it so happened that there were a group of "special needs" adults along with their carers staying at the resort & it appeared a
number of them were keen to go if it was within budget, after which a suitable deal was struck only to be off then on again for a
variety of reasons. The evening before being due to go out the next morning it seemed like the plan was "dead in the water" so
alternative plans were made only for the resort to offer an incredible deal to suit the group at a fraction of the true cost to them
consequently so it was, a party of seven of us set out at 4 - 30 pm the next day for a couple of hours fishing. I have not had much
previous involvement with "special needs" groups but have heard of how rewarding it can be, as well as a lot of fun that everyone
enjoys, as it was to prove to be on this occasion.

First of all started off handlining waiting for the sun to begin to set which is usually the prime time for trolling lures. Altho all were
thoroughly enjoying the experience handlining only produced a couple of bite so captain decided to start trolling & under his careful
eye he let various individuals steer the boat which they were really enthused about.

Carers ( 2 ) sitting in the bow plus one at the stern & the captain at the helm prior to handing over to appointed subordinates.

The hill in the background in the pic below is apparently in fact a gigantic solid rock.

There was a strike on one of the rods that broke off the lure so presumably must have been a reasonable size to do that but as
the light was falling fast it looked very much as tho there would be no fish coming aboard when shortly after one of the rods bent
& line was being peeled off the reel to the unbridled excitement of all on board. I took hold of the rod initially until such time the fish
was under control then Luke took over & reckon the expression on his face when the fish was finally brought aboard tells it all.

Meanwhile the other two rods needed to be wound in & as it happens when doing so, Mandy hooked a fish about 40 cm which was lost
right at the boat.

Back at the jetty it was obvious the excursion had been thoroughly enjoyed by all involved & the sort of experience memories are made
from, so a special thanks to Anchorage resort for making it possible.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Came back from Fiji with some sort of tropical bug that has left a lingering feeling of lethargy therefore
had reservations about how I would stand up to a full day of whitebaiting however given the season is due
to close at the end of Nov, Vinnies offer was far too good to decline.

The weather was great ... the best day in a long time & the catch rate was very encouraging right from the start.

Then as often happens with any type of fishing it all went quiet for an hour or so but fortunately picked up again to
result in a PB catch for myself but still well short of Vinnies & his dad but they have been whitebaiting for over 25 yrs.

The 1/2 doz or so yellow eyed mullet were a bonus & hopefully when used for bait on Mon will account for a sizeable
snapper or two. The balance of the whitebait will be for tonights' dinner shared with friends & in the meantime a pic
of some whitebait fritters enjoyed about a week ago.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

After such terrible weather yesterday was really "one out of the box" with calm seas, pleasant temperatures with a
gentle breeze & the fishing was better than it has been as well even if well short of best.

At one stage all four lines ended up in a tangled mess & the reason for it was revealed when it was discovered a slimey
mackerel was on one of the lines as they are notorious for swimming around in all directions when hooked but have beautiful
glistening colours, also are superb as sashimi.

We made the most of the weather by going ashore on Tiritiri Island for lunch where as were about to anchor in the shallows
five or six stingrays were clearly visible making the prospect of jumping over to tie up the boat with a stern rope a rather
daunting prospect. They were totally unfazed by the boat or our arrival & one of them did not even move when Vinnie dropped
the forward anchor almost right on top of it. Nevertheless managed to wade ashore with the stern rope to tie to a rock without
any mishaps & collected some kina along with oysters to add as appetisers to the fine lunch that Vinnie had prepared.

It was about where the boat is holding that the rays were in less than thigh deep water & one was about 1 mtr across however what
was unusual is that they were all jet black. Cannot think why I did not get a photo of them .... maybe it was from being preoccupied
with getting the boat moored & tied back without inadvertently standing on one.

The fishing even if it had not been full on nevertheless had been rewarding enough.

All in all a great day out albeit well overdue & today am getting the motorhome ready for a few days away flyfishing
as from tomorrow so hopefully that will equally enjoyable.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well that was a rather memorable trip but not only for the fishing & was under the circumstances, grateful to have the place to myself.

When packing for a trip am invariably unorganised therefore pack three times as much as needed so as not to forget anything & most
returns unused.

On this occasion I put a heap of washing in the machine to take away but on hanging it on the line found a paper tissue or suchlike must
have been included as everything was covered in tiny white spots. Decided to take it as is so stuffed everything into a 20 ltr. pail along
with a brush to brush everything down once I got there, wearing shorts, tee shirt & a pair of crocs.

On arrival late afternoon decided to get ready to go for a fish so went to grab some socks to wear under the waders & after a fruitless
search for the bucket of clothes realised I must have left them at home by the garage roller doors where they had been put ready to pack!

What to do ? Was nowhere nearby to buy a few things, returning home was not an option so decided in the meantime might as well go fishing
& worry about what to do later. The fishing was full on right from the start so fished until near dark & fortunately the weather was reasonably
warm, also had plenty to eat & drink.

Enjoyed a lamb steak meal, freshly dug ( that morning ) new season potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus etc. followed by a dessert of fresh pineapple,
new season strawberries & horopito coated cashews.

Slept soundly that night & after a satisfying breakfast set about trying to decide how to deal with the clothes dilemma even attempting a dry ( completely
wrong description ) run to see if after showering, going commando under the waders was an option, until such time my entire wardrobe of freshly washed
clothes were dry. Did not take long to realise that putting on damp waders without any clothes under, was far from a pleasurable experience, plus even
going topless resulted in the wader buckles functioning as very effective nipple pinchers that were totally intolerable unless you happened to be a masochist & could
have been put to good use in a medieval torture chamber.

Necessity being the mother of invention in true Tom Hanks style in the movie "Castaway" set about improvising & for the benefit of anyone that should
find themselves in a similar predicament can say :-

Pillow slips can be fashioned into a passable pair of undies.

A decent size towel with a hole cut in the centre can provide a poncho of sorts or if a hooded rainproof model preferred then black rubbish sacks with
the assistance of duct tape fits the bill nicely but never managed to make any substitute socks.

The downside of such innovation of course is that you risk looking like a cross between something from the "Wearable Arts" & "The Rocky Horror Show"
but fortunately on this occasion there was nobody about to notice.

Anyway it served the purpose of being able to continue fishing & the fish certainly did not seem to mind as lost count of the number of fish landed not
to mention those lost.

This feisty little critter caused a mishap that could have ended in disaster when precariously standing in the water with marginal footing when I had it
close it swam between my legs then took off again at full speed to the comfort of the depths causing the rod tip to bend at an angle I was fully expecting
to hear that unmistakeable sickening sound of a rod shattering into several pieces. Remarkably enough managed to get hold of the line in front then hand
line ( which is strictly speaking illegal ) back to land in order to release it wondering what sort of fate it might have suffered had my favourite rod shattered.

Dinner that evening was a huge whitebait fritter that as delicious as it was I struggled to finish. Note :- NZ whitebait are a particular species & not merely
small fry of larger fish as is found in many countries whereas these are adults running upriver from the sea to spawn. They are recognised as a real delicacy
that demand a huge price & apart from the fact these had been self caught, there is no way I could afford to eat such a heap in one meal short of robbing a
bank !

Oops ... forgot the steamed asparagus.

Slept well again that night & the river continued to fish well the next morning ... so well in fact decided had caught enough fish so set off back home stopping
on the way to give away a trout or two, also a bit later to cook a slab of Angus steak with all the trimmings in order kill time & allow the rush hour traffic subside.

All in all a very enjoyable & productive trip despite the downsides ... however re the setbacks an experience I would prefer not to repeat.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was to be an early 4 - 30 am start from Vinnies & then the 90 min trip to Port Waikato to set up the whitebait to start
fishing at daybreak as regulations state can only scoop between the hours of sunrise to sunset. I left in plenty of time so
as to arrive at Vinnies early but encountered endless road works with poorly signposted detours resulting in being semi lost
& barely arriving on time.

It was steadily productive from the word go with consistent rewarding scoops altho I could not come close to Vinnies' single
best scoop of about 200 grms.

The tide started coming in, doing so faster than we were expecting so came close to not being able to turn the wagon & as it
was only managed to do so by unhooking the trailer.

Only 12 days until the whitebait season ends so as to make the most of the remaining time by going again on Friday if the
weather is OK.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 12:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was invited to go on a charter trip yesterday & my first reaction was "Why pay to go out fishing when I have my own boat
plus the weather forecast did not look very hopeful. However as the charter boats go out much further than I can safely in my
boat to deeper water where the big fish are holding this time of year, so agreed to give it a go but was surprise given the wind
conditions it was not cancelled like it had been the previous day.

When on board about to leave was disappointed when the skipper announced it was too windy to go wide & would be fishing
the channel instead which is the area I mostly fish in my boat .... so much for thinking will be nice to go somewhere different.

Nine were fishing & was quite awhile before the first legal size fish came aboard amongst the hordes of undersized fish & tangled
lines were a regular occurrence so a lot of time was spent undoing "macramé"

At one stage a trawler with its' nets down came past dragging within about 50 mtrs of our anchored boat which I would have
thought would have been illegal.

Far more welcome was this beautiful sailing ship that passed by albeit making hard work of the head winds.

Had planned on having fish for dinner but for a long time it looked like those plans might have to be put on hold altho Vinnie
had managed a couple of fish I was yet to boat a legal size specimen. By the end of the day I managed to make up ground &
we ended up with eight between us which was the same as we caught when we last went out in my boat a week or so back but
seem to recall the average size was larger then.

PS have subsequently discovered the sailing ship was in fact the "Soren Larsen" that featured in the "Onedin Line" TV series only
on this occasion the theme music was not playing as it always seemed to do whenever it was under sail in the TV series.

Also have been informed by those that are better informed on the subject that the trawler would not have been steaming as it
was if they had their nets down so I stand corrected, nevertheless nets or no nets am inclined to think they came a bit close particularly
as they virtually had about 5 kms of channel width with no other boats in the immediate vicinity.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Caught thousands of fish yesterday altho as per usual Vinnie & his dad caught even more.

Nevertheless with only one week of the season to go, we were well pleased with a PB of the tasty little critters.

Maybe our success was due to having an expert along in the form of swmbo on her first ever whitebaiting expedition.

Weather permitting will be going again on closing day in an all out effort to score a record scoop however in the interim
are off on Thursday for a couple of days flyfishing.
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