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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tomorrow is the close of the whitebait season & as we have arranged to go boat fishing opted
to go whitebaiting yesterday.

Was a great day weatherwise but not very productive catchwise which was something of a pity
for Kevin on his first ever try at catching them, nevertheless he seemed to enjoy the experience,
as we did his company.

There was barely a meal for all of us so was decided that Kevin would have the combined catch so he
could at least taste them plus later on Vinnie rather generously gave him a sizable pack from his freezer.

We were back in time for me to pick up my reels that had been put in for service in readiness for the trip
out tomorrow but from then on was the downside of dealing with the horrendous peak hour traffic which
seems to be worsening week by week.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK let's start with yesterday when Vinnie & myself decided to fish the Kaipara out from Mungakura after taking
heed of the forecast of heavy showers likely in the afternoon. It was not the weather conditions as such that
was of concern apart from the likely visibility or lack of, re the channel markers that mark the course back to
the ramp.

One thing for certain is that the condition could hardly have been more placid after having launched & were
making our way down the river confident that any problems from the weather would be highly unlikely.

We had hopes for the day of netting some flounder, hooking snaps, gurnard etc. along with dredging some
scollops & collecting a bucket of oysters all of which considerable planning had gone into ... so what could
possibly go wrong ... even for me with such a history of mishaps. We were shortly to find out when the net
became tangled in the prop resulting in my having to precariously crawl out the tilted motor to slash away
the tangle ... hardly a advisable activity for a 78 year old, nevertheless after an anxious moment or two
managed to clear the mess & we were underway again no worse for wear apart from a now useless net.

Not a very good start but never mind the rod fishing was bound to be better, or so we thought initially
until over the next 1 1/2 hours experienced about 4 breakoffs presumably sharks or rays as brought
several rays to the boat which were cut free & had only one 30 cm snap in the bin. Trying several other
spots did not bring any success either until we finally found some fairly consistent action putting a total
of seven snaps in the bin ... no monsters but fish nonetheless.

Fish were still biting well when we noticed the sky was changing altho it seemed to be moving away from
any direction that would affect us but then changed rapidly to the extent we decided would be prudent to
call it a day & make a run for the ramp sans flounder, scollops or oysters. All went well following the markers
to just over halfway until a sudden extreme area of downfall caused a blackout of the stakes locations & lead
us to mistake a shape on the flats to be a marker buoy so headed for it only to run aground.

Was time to assess our situation which we agreed that altho we were in no real danger at this stage nevertheless
could prove awkward if we had to spend the night out due to several factors namely :-

We were at best facing a 2 1/2 hr delay before boat would likely refloat & was no telling what the weather might
be like then or if the wind direction would blow us further onto the flats if the motor failed to start or the remaining
marker poles were not visible. Our concern re motor possibly not starting was due to having to tilt it when running
aground & the tell tale stopped flowing also the cooling water siren had sounded briefly before shutting down.
Vinnie wisely suggested we take the precaution of ringing the Coast Guard to advise them of the situation even
if at that stage here was nothing they could do about it, but at least they would be aware we were stuck out there.

Have a VHS fitted but opted to ring on cell phone ( reason will be explained later ) & managed to make contact
despite only marginal reception ( only one of our mobiles would make contact ) then explained the situation
along with our location with both parties then agreeing on a strategy that we would ring each other in a couple
of hours to check on any developments. However this arrangement had possible complications inasmuch as if
the weather worsened then coverage could cease.

Not long after that the oyster boat came into view heading back & the kindly stopped to check if we were OK
with a couple of them wading thru the soft mud with great difficulty to have a discussion ..

I went over the side intent on meeting them halfway but had to abandon the notion on sinking to my knees
risking getting stuck.

Thanx guys for your concern as altho there was nothing you could do it was a comfort to know some else
was aware plus you gave us a number to ring if need be, so we owe you. Not long after that it began to
bucket down with huge drops of hard hitting rain that was splattering under the canopy causing us to become
increasingly wet & was so intense we were using the bilge pump to discharge the sheer volume of rain water
being taken onboard. As if that was not uncomfortable enough lighting began to flash followed by deafening
claps of thunder which was of little comfort considering we were damp, standing in a tin boat wondering if
we should bring down the rods from the rocket launcher or were better off leaving them there to act as lightning
rods ( no pun intended ) ... does anyone here know the answer to that?

Eventually the tide rose enough for us to rock the boat afloat & we were drifting in the direction of the channel
then greatly relieved when the motor started & the cooling water warning siren did not sound for the remaining
trip back to the ramp plus we were able to make out the markers.

We made half a dozen attempts to ring CG as arranged to advise we would not require assistance but altho
connecting could not get to speak to anyone or leave a message & were aware there was no coverage at the
ramp or for about 10 kms on the road back home, so could not make the agreed call or likewise receive one.

It is often stated that we all learn from our mistakes but given my history of mishaps am beginning to suspect
I may be an exception to the rule.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
Posts: 4693
Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

After Thursdays misadventure we decided on a trip out on the gulf yesterday as forecast looked OK,
not that meant a lot as has been consistently changing every 4 hours or so, but was the only day this
week available to us both.

Altho neither of us were aware yesterday was a "super moon" event which reputedly adversely affects
the fishing however as plans were in place we thought might as well give it a go regardless.

e b passed our "never fail" possie & went strait to a spot where we have enjoyed success recently. The bite
came on immediately albeit mostly smaller fish & a very noticeable peculiarity was that the tide was running
in completely the wrong direction to what it should have been & was intensifying ... super moon influence
perhaps ????

Summer has been very late arriving this year but suddenly decided to yesterday when the mercury shot up to
26 C which is not all that hot admittedly but when there has been no time to gradually adjust it makes a sudden
jump rather difficult despite the warm sun being otherwise very welcome. They tell us this "hot spot" is going to
be warmer & last longer than usual but given the inaccuracies of the general daily forecasts it remains to be seen.

Nevertheless a very enjoyable day out, our limit of fish albeit smaller on average than can normally be expected.

We had caught 7 or 8 fish but all the time the boat was rocking from a cross pattern of waves & we were having
to up the sinker weights to cope with the increasing tide flow. Another effect of the super moon perhaps ... but
no matter we opted to shift & as the conditions were quite calm thought we would try going "wide" namely considerably
further than we would normally venture to deeper water ( 30 to 40 mtrs ) to an area that is known to often produce
legendary fishing. Must say tho, every time I have tried it the results have been less than spectacular & this occasion
was to prove likewise even if we did boat a few more fish, however the conditions were idyllic making it a great day
to be out on the water regardless as shown by this great shot of my thumb.

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yesterday Vinnie & myself went out from Gulf Harbour, arriving about 9 am. fully expecting car/trailer parking would be
on"overflow" but were pleasantly surprised to find about 6 or 7 spaces still available.

Came back in about 2 - 30 pm & were amazed to find there was only one other trailer parked there besides ours ....
something I cannot recall ever happening over a decade or more.

Perhaps it was because the fishing was hard apart from being plagued by sub legals & was almost 2 hrs before we
landed a keeper after which it was back to catching "tiny Tims" managing only one more keeper. Strange things were
happening tide wise in as much as where we were the boat was holding in the wrong direction for an incoming despite
the fact a couple of boats about a 100 mtrs. away were holding in the opposite direction. We shifted further out were
the tide run was doing as it should but the SW wind was considerably stronger than forecast (how long now since it
has been accurate ?) causing the boat to lay side on to the chop making things rather uncomfy .... tolerable perhaps
when catching but when you aren't then a pain in the butt, plus were getting endless tangles. Pic is of Vinnie dealing
to a tangle caused by a sub legal snapper & the jacket he has on is not to ward off the cold but rather as protection
against the scorching heat. Sea conditions at that stage were starting to get a tad lumpy but became much worse.

Decided if we were going to have to endure constant "rock n roll" then may as well do so at our "never fail" spot that
we had left earlier due to only sub legal specimens coming aboard. By now the boat was swinging every which way
but at least decent size fish were coming aboard & altho the waves had increased in size we were prepared to put up
with them, however eventually the conditions worsened to the extent it was decided to call it a day having managed
a feed of 8 snaps & a sub legal kingi.

Maybe it was rougher than we thought, hence the absence of trailers in the car park, nevertheless in my experience a
very unusual occurrence these days. Probably just as well we came in early as we both ended up really tired due to the
heat & wind.
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Joined: 17 Sep 2006
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Location: Nr Towcester

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bazza wrote:

Summer has been very late arriving this year but suddenly decided to yesterday . . .

Bless, I feel for you . . .

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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
Posts: 4693
Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lighthouse wrote:
Bazza wrote:

Summer has been very late arriving this year but suddenly decided to yesterday . . .

Bless, I feel for you . . .

I kid you not lighthouse but today I would have willingly swapped places.

Am in the process of fitting a fancy Lowrance 12" Gen 3, sonar, GPS, chart plotter & structure scan unit
( geez ... almost sounds like I know what I am talking about ) but am not making a lot of progress as a
result of trying to work in, under & around an aluminium hulled boat in scorching heat that tends to curdle
your brain as well as inducing complete exhaustion. Early mornings or evenings are not quite so bad but
in the midst of pre Xmas chaos, time is not always available then.

Meantime I have a $4500 unit that will I am told perform all sorts of wondrous functions ( no doubt 95%
of which I will not be able to operate ) yet still remains unused. One upside of course is that in the interim
I have a good excuse for not being able to catch much, but a tad scary at the thought of should the situation
persist after the unit is operational, then there will be nothing, or nobody left to blame.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Went to a Macca performance last night ... what an amazing guy to be able to thump out a
non stop tree hour marathon of entertainment at age 74, including on one occasion being
joined by a local Scottish Highland Pipe band.

Incidentally NZ is reputed to have the highest number of Highland pipe bands per capita
of any other country .... Scotland included. Unfortunately the youtube sound track in this
instance does not seem to adequately record their contribution to the rousing effect it was
projected to in the stadium .... suffice to say it was most impressive.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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Location: New Zealand

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It could have well been a disastrous end to 2017 !!!!!

The story begins with buying a fancy ( for me ) GPS/chart plotter/sonar a couple weeks back & eager to have it setup before the end of the year. Due to the substantial ( once again for me ) investment decided for once would have it installed by someone that knew what they were about rather than DIY.

Therein lay a problem with everyone too busy with the pre xmas rush, so decided on reading up on how, would do the basic setup then have a professional do the final wire connections despite being 95% sure I could manage to do so, nevertheless did not want to risk the whole thing going "piff" when first turned on.

My regular boat mechanic, who shall remain nameless due to his being too popular already due to being so competent therefore becoming increasingly difficult to make a booking, said he could not promise anything but there was a slim chance he might be able to slot it in before xmas if I had all but the final wring connection completed.

Was somewhat gratified by the job I managed to do on my part such as running the cables away from any high demand wiring such as starter/ winch cables/ VHF etc & also as recommended in the installation manual placed the transducer on the RH side of the prop even tho to meet the requirements mentioned meant running the cable along the LH side of the boat.

Was extra pleased with a theft protection unit I managed to fabricate which passes thru the dash shelf & is secured there with a lock, which eliminates the need to have to disconnect the plugs then remove the whole caboodle.

Was the day before Xmas eve day so had given up hope of Murray ringing me to say he could slot the job in, so put the boat away in the garage, which alone is something of an involved process, plus had loaded up the boat with all sorts of things to clear garage space when Murray rang to say if I could get the boat to him within the next 30 mins he would do it as his last job for the year. There was no chance of getting there within 30 mins, nevertheless fibbed by saying "I am on my way" Getting the boat out, unloaded, hooked up, as well as ensuring I had all the bits required such as inline fuse, installation manual etc. was further delayed by SWMBO calling out a couple of time for me to come & lift the xmas ham from the oven etc.

In due course, after various delays finally got underway well beyond schedule but luckily Murray was still there waiting patiently. On the way passed a couple of accidents & that was when I began to wonder if I had put the swing arm locking pin in place, but as it seemed to be towing OK opted to continue as there were few if any suitable places to safely pull over.

On arrival was relieved to see the pin was indeed in place, but far from relieved Murray went to unhitch the coupling & said "Did you tow all the way here like that ?" pointing at the ball coupling which was merely sitting in place without the clamp holding it in place !!!

Was then I experienced that chill feeling of what could have happened, particularly as had been travelling faster than usual so as not to be any later than need be. Plus the road had been busier than normal & sure the safety chain was connected but could not help but think of the consequences had the tow bar bounced free.

The unit was happily connected successfully even if my rush had forgotten to bring payment & needless to say it was a very cautious
journey on the return trip back home.
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dave & Cass towed their boat up from Wellington last Xmas to visit family with the secondary intention of scoring some jaffaland snapper.Unfortunately they struck a rather tough time & reported accordingly on this forum so it was arranged Vinnie & I would take them out on the Kaipara which was fishing well at the time. Happily we all caught our limit & as a result they mistakenly awarded us nigh on totally undeserved guru status. Consequently when they returned this xmas they were keen to link up again & we were more than delighted to do so, as they had been such good company.

Due to the festive season chaos that can be expected at most east coast ramps along with several other factors it was decided a return to the Kaipara might be a good plan.

Oh boy ... did we all catch heaps of fish ... on occasion 2 or 3 at a time, but the problem was 90 % were undersize nevertheless we did end up with about 15 keepers between us, which was far better than others we spoke to on the day most of who said they had blanked.

As a consolation we went ashore to gather oysters & one of the pics is of a Wellingtonian plundering our Jaffa oysters for which they were readily forgiven considering they had brought us some packets of frozen paua which are the top favoured shellfish both for Vinnie & myself.

The good news is that "on their Todd" they subsequently managed to suss out a couple of spots on the inner harbour that produced a gratifying result on two occasions .. Well done!
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Joined: 11 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If it holds true that we learn by our mistakes, then on that basis reckon I must be by far the most knowledgeable person on this forum.

Used to fish the inner harbour a fair bit but nowadays seldom do, but as a result of several encouraging reports of how it has been fishing, Vinnie his dad Ish & myself decided to give it a shot yesterday. In one or two of the pics the harbour bridge & sky tower can be seen in the background so reckon few countries would have prime eating fishery within 500 mtrs of the main street.

Arrived at the Island Bay ramp early morning to ensure getting two of the limited parking spaces ie one for the wagon trailer & another for Vinnies wagon. Launched the boat, pushed it out, climbed aboard, motor started ... no probs apart from hitting something in the half light. Fishing was OK at times albeit tonnes of "tiny Tims" with odd spells of reasonable size fish & between us we lost about 4 beauties.

OK ... had plenty to occupy ourselves with when only small fish biting by trying to fathom out the workings of the new sonar, chartplotter.

Shifted a short distance about four times, with the motor firing ok each time, but with about nine fish in the bin finally decided we might as well head for home as the constant wash from the various ferries & large boats etc. was making things a tad uncomfy. Always run the motor when using the anchor winch in what I now know is the mistaken belief that it won't be putting a drain on the battery. However this time when the key was turned the only response was that dreaded sickly sound of insufficient power !!!

What to do ... I know from experience attempting a cord start is merely an exercise in futility but without power, cannot start, VHF is dead, cannot use anchor winch or even tilt the motor !

Therefore after some deliberation decided we best call the coast guard on Vinnies' mobile which we did only to find his battery was fading fast so had to switch to mine that fortunately this time I had brought along.

In due course the CG arrived, attempted unsuccessfully to start the motor so with true CG efficiency set about towing us to the ramp. All good apart from the fact the motor was still fully down therefore needed to be lifted manually which was no easy task, nevertheless managed to do so. Is a really busy time at the moment, with trying to get fit enough to do the Tongariro crossing on Tues followed by having arranged to tow the boat north when attending a family function a couple of days after, so could have well done without any further complications.

Anyway once home put the battery on charge, rang around to find a replacement the same so as to suit the fittings & arranged with my service mechanic to have the battery charging function checked over despite the fact he had done so when servicing on Monday but I wanted to know what had caused the battery to flatten when only about 27 mths old with a 24 month warranty.

Battery was fine after being on the charger overnight & when installed back in the boat worked fine, started the motor & gave it a good flush. Despite being told by a couple of sources now that it was charged & tested ok that it would probably be fine to continue to use it ... but to my mind if it has failed once is likely to again, so was off to Westhaven this morning to buy a new identical battery so as everything would fit. Was bout 30 mins or so in the store investigating the various options, having original tested ( read OK ) finally opting for one the same.

I swear I am NOT making this up but after loading both batteries into the wagon THE BLOODY WAGON WOULD NOT START !!!!!!

To rub salt into the wound these modern cars with so many electronic functions start going haywire with the little power left in the battery by sending messages in all directions for varius functions to grab their share of what is left .... windscreen wipers start working that cannot be switched off, various doors lock then refuse to open, any custom settings are lost & a bloody annoying American female voice on the GPS kept on telling me to turn every which way

& continues to do so but have no idea where she is trying to take me ... only know cannot turn her off ... a problem I have otherwise seldom encountered with women! About this time remembered I had one of those Cobra battery jump starters in the car as had brought it along to check it would be OK to start the boat motor but of course as had never been out of its' box it had never been charged ... if it had then apparently would have been fine to start the wagon.

Nothing left but to ring the AA for assistance & they arrived in a relatively short time with a very obliging technician not only getting it jump started but offered to test the overall condition using a nifty little handheld thing that gave a comprehensive printed copy of the results which found the battery was not in the best of health. Would have gladly have purchased a new one fro him, in fact asked to do so but he advised to take the print report to the Mitsi dealer & see what they say. Was in two minds over this as would use more valuable time & altho still had 6 mths warrantee remaining presumed at best they might give a proportional credit towards a much more expensive OEM. Nevertheless called into Simon Lucas where upon I told of my tale of woe, showed the AA report & to their

they set about installing a new one free of charge whilst I had a much needed complimentary cup of coffee from their machine. At last something was going right apart from it took a fairly long time but at that stage was past caring. Got the new battery, rushed home
installed new boat battery, went to o/b service mechanic albeit now about 3 hrs late & received the news I wanted to hear, namely that everything checked out fine. Was then he told me what had been the likely combination of causes, which could have been easily avoided had we known & suspect many others would be aware either so as this post is already far to long will list them in a following post, plus am off to check all the torches & battery operated gizmos to se if they all have flat batteries !!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK ... now for the revelation as to why the battery went flat !!!

My previous motors had alternators, therefore assumed all larger HP motors would. Not so it would seem a many,
my current 90hp Merc included have a far less efficient system ... forgotten what it is called.

If you are 100% sure your motor has an alternator then read no further as you are not affected.

What is the main difference between the two systems ?

Alternator :- starts charging the moment the motor is running & provides a healthy amount of charge power.

Other system :- is far less efficient with not only a relatively low output

but motor has to reach 2500 rpm before it even starts to do so.

I have always started the motor & left it idling whilst using the anchor winch in the false belief battery power being
used would be balanced by the charge being used ... but not so it would seem, also same applies to hydraulic tilt.

OK on this trip as well as a couple previous we have been trying to come to grips with the newly installed
GPS/Chartplotter/Sonar, therefore mostly puddling along, also leaving it on when anchored.

As a result but unknown to us, the battery was probably in a very healthy condition when we launched on Thursday,
nevertheless performed all the required functions at that stage.

From there on we were moving much slower than normal & shifted position a short distance about 4 or 5 times using
the anchor winch each time.

So basically using the winch, key start, bilge pump, sonar, hydraulic tilt, vhf etc. was draining current with little or any
input until it reached a point where there was insufficient power to start the motor.

In retrospect, altho I was peed off at the sequence of events at the time have come to realise it was maybe rather
fortuitous inasmuch as am about to do a couple of long trips oblivious to the fact that both the wagon & boat batteries
were likely to cause significant problems if either or both would not start ... whereas ... I now have a new battery for
the wagon, a new one for the boat plus a fully charged jump start for either & a fully charged spare battery, so peace
of mind has been restored. Have also purchased a hand held VHF as a backup & will probably install a voltmeter so as
can keep an eye on the state of the batteries. Plus I now know what to do to avoid excess battery drain, so am even
more knowledgeable than I was when starting this thread !!
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

At this moment every square mm of my body is aching as a result of undertaking the Tongariro
crossing alpine trek on Tuesday which involves climbing the summits of the volcanoes Mt Ngauruhoe
& Mt. Tongariro on a 20 km trek.

My main concern was with regard to the stinking hot weather of late & how I would stand up to it,
consequently had packed plenty of sunblock & appropriate clothing, sun hat etc. On arrival at the
start point was pleased to see it had rained overnight & there were a misty clouds about that surely
would have cooled things down a bit & hopefully would be after mid day before the temps soared again.

Initially it was a pleasant enough jaunt taking in the landscape of alpine flowers, snowmelt streams &
coping with the moderate terrain without any undue stress.

After about an hour or so become apparent the track was heading into a valley encompassed by mountains
so began to wonder whether the track might lead to an unseen pass or a tunnel even ... but no ... there was
merely a sign advising was time to assess if your fitness level was adequate to proceed & if you had appropriate
clothing, water & provisions etc. It also had a map showing the heights encountered which appeared mammoth
enough to be unreal so put the thought of that to one side & so the climb begun.

After what seemed an eternity after transcending the valley below was feeling exhausted but in anticipation of
being able to repeat Ed Hillarys famous words namely ... "We knocked the barstard off"... as thought the summit
was not far away but in actual fact were less than 1/4 the way there, plus the terrain was to become increasingly

Was about here that the misty atmosphere suddenly changed into bleak near blizzard like conditions with high
mountain winds driving icy cold rain, but apart from heading back was no alternative but to press on. Finally
arrived at a totally flat area maybe a couple of kms in dia ... presumably a volcanic mountain that had blown
its' top sometime in history but at least it was easy enough to trek even in the storm like conditions further
enhanced by the thought the descent can't be too far away.

But no ... not only did the ascent resume but was much tougher, often along the crater rims or sheer drop-offs
in howling wind & poor visibility.

From there on was an onwards & upwards mission driven largely by the need to keep body temperature raised
nevertheless at my age was forced to take regular recovery breaks as at one stage started to feel giddy from
the combination of cold, exhaustion & oxygen deprived mountain air, which was not a very comforting experience
when surrounded by steep or sometimes sheer drop-offs.

Was a huge satisfaction to finally arrive at the summit marker & to add a stone to the marker.

On the other side began the long awaited descent altho was not at all pleasant as initially was a steep slope of fine
scoria that did not provide a foothold so had to almost run out of control which was a bit of a worry considering
the relatively narrow track was along the rim of the geothermal crater lakes which were briefly visible during short
breaks in the rain.

Was about this time stopped taking pics as the conditions had worsened & the descent was proving a lot
more difficult than anticipated & by that time I was, in the words of the ancient Romans "Stuftus completus"
consequently was in danger of taking a tumble.

Just as when running a marathon, the final 10% of the time seems to take longer than the previous 90% to
the extent it appears to be never ending but eventually the alpine terrain began to give way to forest & 8 1/2
hrs. after starting off with a sense of great relief staggered damp & totally exhausted. into the collection point.

It appears that a freak weather bomb had hit on that day with the result that police & SAR had to perform a record
number of rescues so guess I should be grateful for having made it.

Boy .... the hot shower when back at the accommodation was sheer bliss ... a beer has never tasted so good as was
the wine with dinner along with a couple of rum & cokes before retiring to fall asleep I'm sure, before my head even
hit the pillow.

Before leaving the next morning opted to have a quick flick of a fly in the nearby Whakapapa river & hooked into a
really solid fish & for the first time ever was grateful to have the leader give way as reckon given the condition I was
in, there was a good chance the fish might have dragged me down the river.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Admin test: please ignore

SKB Web - SKB Fly Fishing
SKB Facebook - SKB Facebook
CFF Facebook - CFF Facebook
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There was a family celebration being held up north last Saturday so as it is near the water & was an opportunity to fishd
somewhere different Nouri & I towed the boat up there.

There is very little short term accommodation in the area so we were pleasantly surprised with that which we had managed
to book, which had only two units & magnificent views of the harbour.

Cactus of this size remind me of Mexico.

Party Saturday night.

There were quite a few locals there & was rather disconcerting when questioning them on the fishing, only to invariably be
told it currently is the poorest they can remember in the last 20 yrs or so.

Nevertheless we set out Sunday morning & the bites were instantaneous with 30 odd snapper coming on board but not a
single one of legal size ... were all around 10 mm short. We kept telling ourselves there HAS to be a few decent size fish
down there along with the hordes of juveniles ... but if there were then we failed to find them. Sea came up a bit & as we
were seemingly only feeding undersize fish decided to call it a day, plus the anchor winch quit working making it hard going
on my elderly back hauling it up by hand. Is the first time in about 25 yrs that I have blanked completely when sea fishing
& can but hope it will be equally as long before it happens again.

Was all very well going out when we were heading towards a yellow channel marker buoy but coming back with no familiar
land marks was akin to trying to find your car that you parked in a huge carpark without noting where it was & for awhile looked
as tho we might be spending the night out there not knowing where & possibly stranded on a sand bar. I happened to look back
in a different direction to that we were travelling & in the distance could just make out some houses. For the want of a better
alternative turned about & headed in figuring would at least be civilisation there that may be able to point us in the right
direction. As we came closer suddenly noticed the jetty adjacent to the ramp we launched from so were spared the embarrassment
of having ended up lost.

Monday morning set out once again for more of the same, ie heaps of undersize fish so decided to move out further ( after taking
several land marks ) to try for half an hour or so before calling it quits if it was more of the same, however am pleased to say we
managed 1/2 dozen decent snapper, a shark each & I lost a huge KY at the boat. This thankfully found our way back to the ramp OK
& set off for home.

Was a bit of a major but managed to fix the anchor winch today .... was mostly due to corrosion at the terminals & switch points
but working in the heat was totally draining, for could not even pick up a spanner that had been lying in the sun without burning your
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Vinnie & myself went out at daybreak on Friday morning with two objectives in mind namely :-
To miss the extreme heat of late & to capitalise on the prime fishing time for large snapper.

We probably achieved the former but overall failed miserably with the latter due to the fact the
sea appeared to be wall to wall full of undersized fish as is illustrated by the fact Vinnie was hooking
four or five each time when using a sabiki rig to catch some bait fish.

Nevertheless we did manage 13 at 30 cm plus for a feed & I had a great tussle with a 75 cm kingfish
also suspect I lost a bigger one that completely spooled the reel (which is a first) then broke off,

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