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Feedback System

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:04 pm    Post subject: Feedback System Reply with quote

Many of you have spotted the feedback score next to your username and wondered what it was all about. So here's a brief explanation of what it is and how it works....

In short this is a feedback system that is near identical to that used on Ebay, so I'm sure you'll all find it fairly easy to get to grips with and we hope will become a useful part of this forum. The hope is it will, given a little time to take off, provide members with an accurate account of how reliable sellers and indeed buyers on this forum are. This system of course only really applies to sales of items made through the CLASSIFIEDS section on this forum. Since this system has been designed to closely follow the ebay feedback system you leave only one feedback per party involved PER Classifieds post, for those who like to list several items in one classifieds posting you will not be able to leave feedback for more than one buyer. It is a rather annoying limitation of this script and we are looking into the possibility that this can be changed in the future, but for the time being you may consider breaking up multiple items by adding one to its own separate post, this would allow you to leave feedback for each person who bought each item.


1. After completing a sale on the forum click the Finalize button (appears next to 'Post Reply' and 'New Topic' buttons when you view your classifieds listing post):

2. Select the person with whom you have completed the transaction and click on Submit:

3. Both parties involved in the finalized transaction will then receive Private Messages inviting you to leave feedback for the other party:

4. Go to the "Leave feedback" link contained within this PM to leave feedback for the other party:

5. Fill in the feedback form with the relevant rating and comment/s then click submit to add to that users feedback score:

6.This feedback is the basis of the Feedback Score in your profile it allows trust to be built up between users of the Classifieds Section. To check on a Members feedback score just visit his/her feedback page by clicking on the feedback score link to be found either in his/her profile or beneath their avatar in forum posts:

A few important notes.

[*] Finalizing a sale automatically locks the "Classifieds Post" you made, should things go wrong, posts can be unfinalized (by the seller) removing any feedback he may have left

[*] Any sales made in the classifieds section in the past can be finalized (just go back and look) just follow the very same steps above, obviously this will also lock the relevant thread once the sale has been finalized and also as before if multiple sales have been made through on post you will not be able to leave feedback for more than one buyer (if more than one buyer was involved)

[*] Retaliatory feedback will not be tolerated.

[*] Any feedback containing threatening or abusive comments will be removed and warnings issued, we encourage you to leave honest remarks but there's no need to get nasty.

And last but not least...
This function was added for the benefit of all out members, Please use this function when possible, at least try it and see what you think. Please leave us feedback on this new addition too, maybe it is not wanted at all. Unlike many other forums, members here do at least get some say in how the forum develops so send us your opinions, good or bad we'd like to hear them

Hope you find this addition to be worthwhile and enjoy your stay here Very Happy
The Completefisher Team.
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