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PostPosted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Quite awhile since posting as main puter will not allow me to log in & only way a can is to use my old laptop
which is far from easy to use.

Anyway, had been kindly invited by Iain from a local fishing forum to join him for a weeks fishing at Turangi
where he had a police association holiday home booked. Had no sooner committed to joining him when an angler
from Florida posted that he & his wife were coming to NZ so would appreciate any info re the fishing. Usually enjoy
showing visiting anglers around however on this occasion the dates conflicted so a compromise was decided on
whereby we would meet up at Turangi for a couple of days on their way to the South Is, in their rental motorhome.

Had promised Joe & Janis some freshly caught snapper fillets as a meal so took the boat out on Friday as was due
to leave on Sunday. Had assumed catching enough for a good meal however as most fishos know your catch rate is
invariably in converse proportion to your need to catch & this occasion was to prove to be no exception. There were
tonnes of hungry fish about but problem was those being hooked were marginally undersize, so was really struggling
to boat enough for our meal & looked like would fall short but finally had enough for a meal for four. Had a mini drama
at one stage that could have been serious had things gone wrong. Was after bait fish using a multi hook sabiki rig which
was bringing up 3 to 5 yellow tail with each drop but one particular occasion everything got in a tangle & was in the process
of trying to untangle things when a small shark grabbed one of the yellowtail then took off driving the small but needle
sharp sabiki hooks into my hand also a couple of fingers. Fortunately was only one hand affected so was able to grab a
knife with the free hand & cut things loose.

The weather was always going to be an unknown factor as the fringe affects of the cyclones that were causing such devastation
in Tonga etc. were likely to hit various areas of NZ & indeed they did albeit without the seriously fierce winds they experienced
in Tonga & suchlike where winds reached 260 kph. The affects where we were relatively minor but were constantly changing every
20 to 30 mins which made it difficult to flyfish. Nevertheless Iain caught a nice size brown in shallow water whilst I managed to
hook & loose three,

The following day Joe & Janis arrived.

Unsure of the pattern of events that followed other than Joe & I went night fishing until conditions made things uncomfortable ... had
one tug followed not long after a hookup that felt like a small fish so swapped rods so Joe could land it, however it was lost. As it happens
it was actually my fault as a faulty knot I tied had given way. J&J were scheduled to leave to catch the ferry the next day so it was decided
we would deviate the route so as to see some points of interest they would not otherwise see.

On the forest walk into a pool met Roger, an Aussie along with his wife coming the other way carrying a spin rod. Asked if he had caught
anything he replied he could not find any access to the river whereupon I offered to show him a special pool & how best to fish it, consequently
was stoked to hook into a 6 or 7 lb rainbow on his 5th cast,

Was about mid arvo when J&J set off towards Wellington & I opted to fish another pool a bit further down river & managed a couple of fish albeit
not as big as Rogers nevertheless were appreciated by a couple of locals to smoke.

To illustrate the power of a river in spate the large log in the foreground of the pic below, was not there a year ago & has replaced a smaller one,

Had a brief fish next morning, landed a couple more before moving on to check out the Whirinaki, which was a complete waste of time particularly
involved a considerable amount of driving only to find it was running high & dirty plus it remains decimated after last years floods.
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