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The Homepage - http://www.completefisher.com

Only one banner is displayed on the homepage, maximising the visibility of your banner on a consistent basis. Banner duration is flexible with options to suit everyone. Longer durations are available by request.

Whatever type of product or service you offer, we have an advertising package to suit you. Our flexible offers allow you to reach thousands of potential customers at a very low price. Internet advertising is highly effective, and with customers only one click away from your point of sale website, you can be assured of maximum coverage. Regardless of your advertising budget you can be assured we have a suitable package for you.

The Forum - http://www.completefisher.com/forum

The forum has a set of banners on rotation. Your banner will appear the same % of times as other banners on a daily basis.

3 months£50.00
6 months£85.00
12 months£150.00
3 months£90.00
6 months£150.00
12 months£250.00

Sponsor a page

You are able to sponsor a page within the site such as http://www.completefisher.com/bloke_bass_special.html This is a good advertising package to choose if you sell an item being reviewed on the page for example. Prices for this are shown below

3 months£30.00
6 months£50.00
12 months£75.00

Please e-mail chris@completefisher.com for further details or to proceed with an advertising package.

3 month forum banner + 2 individual pages for 3 months£95 (RRP £110) - Save 13.5%
6 month forum banner + 2 individual pages for 6 months£150 (RRP £185) - Save 19%
12 month forum banner + 2 individual pages for 12 months£225 (RRP £300) - Save 25%

Special Offer.